Portal Knights Review

"Portal Hopping"


Portal Knights is a take on the popular Minecraft crafting system and mixing that with a sense of adventure. Think of it like Terraria, but in 3D and with hopping between dimensions. It also stands out with its focus on cooperative play by allowing a group of players to quest with each other.

This may not come across as anything too new, but it's a mixture that works well and is a relaxing play. It's got light hearted questing with some goals, bosses and enemies to take out. You essentially just hop from world to world collecting resources and getting better. There's a wide range of places to see and each of them are lovely. I would have wished them to be larger in scale, but it's fine for how long you spend on them.

That's where part of the issue with this comes in is that no world feels too special aside from your selected "home world" and is another bump on the way along. Some might be a spot to revisit for new riches or materials, but it's rarely needed. Once you do get going you can begin crafting, I personally stole some lady's house and used it as my base of operations. From there I created benches for making better workshops, tools and decorations. You can create all sorts of things since there's a wide range of options available and I enjoyed that part of it a lot.


The game looks really good, seriously just beautiful. As you can see with just a tease from the image below, it has some lovely worlds to explore. While exploring you'll find rare materials, caves to trek through and dungeons to tackle. Nothing was taxing, but some challenge was provided. Portal Knights is more about crafting and the collection of materials to build better things.

It works well by yourself, or with a party of friends providing support. The combat was fine with an odd locked camera, yet most enemies felt simple. Some would get glitched and face a wall or others would just run away. I also came across a couple game crashes, but nothing was lost progress wise.

Portal Knights Screenshot Autumn

The Conclusion

I really enjoyed Portal Knights finding it to be a relaxing and refreshing take on the crafting style of game that is incredibly popular at the current time. You can break blocks down, find resources and tackle monsters to improve your selection of gear.

There are interesting bosses to tackle, you can play with friends and the creation system has some fantastic depth to it. The combat was simple, yet fun and had just enough challenge that it wouldn't seem too easy. I'm sure everyone could enjoy playing this, hopping from world to world gathering supplies and mastering the dimensions.

Portal Knights Review on Xbox One & Playstation 4
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner