Rare Games that should be Revived

Between Rare Replay giving us a glimpse at titles could have been and other leaks over the years there's been quite the handful of cancelled Rare games that may not ever see the light of day.

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of these titles to decide whether or not some should actually see a revival of sorts. Rare Replay has been a rather great package and Rare itself seems to be in a bit of a comeback with this collection along with the upcoming Sea of Thieves.

Kameo 2
First on my list would have to be Kameo 2 which was a cancelled Xbox 360 game set to be a more realistic themed sequel to Kameo. After playing Kameo for the first time recently with Rare Replay I actually really enjoyed the title and with additions shown in various leaked artwork pieces this could have been a great sequel.

The creatures she turns into were also supposed to be more aggressive in a sense of being darker themed creatures. This would have most likely catered to an older audience or just feature a darker focus in story. The game was apparently cancelled around 2007 so I imagine most of the work is still there that was done for the title and in the future this could be an interesting game for them to take another shot at.
Kameo 2

This was supposed to be a fantasy massive multiplayer game for Xbox 360 which was eventually cancelled in 2007. Strange that many of these Rare projects seemed to be cancelled around that time, there really isn't much to show from this game yet I feel it could have been an interesting title.

Around 2007 there weren't, if any MMO titles available for consoles and this could have been rather ambitious. I'd still like a proper strange and weird fantasy MMO game of this sort to play with my current Xbox console though for now Neverwinter will have to do. Will also mention that this sort of game was always a side dream there going over many iterations until the eventual cancellation of the title, this would still be a neat type of game to play on consoles.

Rare Cancelled Cascade
The Fast and the Furriest
This title also seemed to have many variations to it over time going from Banjo racing to just a racer with featuring a collection of Rare owned characters. The concept was to take building features from Banjo and let all the various characters customize their karts to fit their style.

It was even supposed to be a Xbox Live Vision Camera game at some point in time though that version was cancelled for obvious quality reasons. The latest showing of this title was during Rare Replay with a video that presented the last version as something much more impressive.

It was basically the combination of these carting games together with the whole Rare stable. I personally would love Rare to make a karting game for Xbox at some point, but instead of just Rare characters why not bring the whole first party line up together. It would be great to have that sort of title to play and it would be rather hilarious.
Rare The Fast and the Furriest

Cancelled in late 2006 after only a few months work Urchin was supposed to be a fantasy horror game that was all about being bad. Taking a look at Fable's morality system, this game just wanted to focus on the bad side of things which could have been a lot of fun.

The darkness aspect was also supposed to be gray to an extent with a pitched example of ripping a princess's heart out for you to discover that she was an evil vampire. The young gothic girl would have also had a pet wild boar named Lilith.

This was also apparently planned as trilogy with each game hanging on a cliff-hanger which might have been agonizing. I still would love to see this sort of title come out as it sounds charming, yet dangerously evil enough to be completely different from what we're used to.

Rare Cancelled Urchin

With that I end my list of Rare titles which I'd like to see revived. I know this obviously does not include their staple franchises that we all love, simply because this is a look at the lost and forgotten titles.

I thought it would be better to highlight some games that most have never heard, but I'll also add some other franchises they've created that I'd like to see something done with in the future. Perfect Dark; Banjo, Conker, Battletoads and Viva Pinata! Did I miss anything and what are your thoughts on these games?

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