Realm Royale Xbox One X Preview

Realm Royale is a free to play battle royale title that takes the existing format and adds a fantasy setting to it. It really isn't anything too wildly different, at least I don't feel it is. That line of thought could also be contributed to the fact that I'm growing rather tired of the genre. Anyways, the game actually plays quite well and looks great. The Realm Royale Xbox One X enhancement delivers a 4k resolution while ignoring HDR support which I suppose does make sense.

It brings colorful visuals and an aesthetic that's similar to Paladins. It's basically a spin-off of that game so it makes complete sense for it to do that. It can be quite fun, I got rather used to it after working on the Xbox Achievements that are already present despite it apparently being in some sort of beta state apparently. It just opened up as a free to play experience previously being either paid for in terms of early access, or code granted through some giveaway.

It has a similar structure as other battle royale titles where you can grab a battle pass, there are cosmetics and a set amount of ways to play. There's the option to battle it out in singles, duos or groups of four. The option is yours' of course, I prefer the squads here as it makes more sense when combined with a unique mechanic that's present here. In this game death is not the end, when you've died you'll turn into a chicken and hop around for awhile. If the enemy shoots you it's the end for now, but if you escape for a certain amount of time you just get right back into the action.

On the opposite side of that, the team can revive you at a forge even after death. As you're playing, you open chests to receive items. You can then recycle the things you don't want and they'll become shards. These shards can be used at a forge to get a random weapon, bonus rune or perhaps armor potions. There are a few options, and it's a neatly balanced mechanic. Other than that you drop down with a super hero landing and blast others. You'll use guns, mystical staffs and other power-ups to eliminate anyone in the way. You can hop on a horse mount for fast travel, or practically fly with special abilities.

These abilities are class locked at spawn, but you can change them at any time so it doesn't matter I suppose. Realm Royale does definitely play quite well, and it looks good. There's an excellent draw distance and it's detailed for the most part. The scope of the island shows perfectly upon fly over and it doesn't really have any sort of performance problems associated with it on the platform. There are unique locations and biomes to visit across you quest for survival. It's a decent free battle royale option, worth checking out I suppose. You can read about the game's best weapons below or view the Paladins hub for coverage on that title.

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