ReCore E3 2016 Preview

ReCore was my most anticipated game of E3 2015 as it looked fantastic and yet there really wasn't much shown aside from a soft, yet loudly spoken cinematic trailer. Moving forward to the E3 before release I got to see a gameplay trailer during the Xbox E3 2016 conference and to play it on the show floor.

I was actually really hoping for a bit more on this one, but that didn't end up happening so I'm in complete mystery about the story. The just of what's known is that you play as this girl named Joule. She has three robot friends that we've seen and they each share a purpose. In the demo I had access to two of these characters and they both served as key helpers during my demo.

Within the game you get to move around this scavenger type place as you're looking for supplies, you have a voice over assistant that gives directions and helps guide you through this plant. The game itself looks absolutely beautiful and just full of color, which is nice since so many games these days are a bit too dirty. As Joule you move through each room completing smaller objectives and taking use of your robots to maneuver in the world.

ReCore E3 2016 Preview

One of them provides more fire support whereas the other allows you to ride them up semi-parkour areas. The game also features a nice balance between story movement, combat and platforming. It takes a bit of everything and puts it together very nicely, yet I'm still so intrigued of just what's going on in this game.

Combat was also neat as enemies take more damage based on color matching so you need to adjust your weapons and robotic friends accordingly. It's a bit simple of a structure, but it works nicely in this game and does add some variation. The level you get to play was actually quite lengthy and challenging which was different, I even died once which is not something that normally happens during E3 playing.

I loved what I did play and it really left me with a stronger desire to figure out just what's going on story wise in this game. I'm really looking forward to playing come fall 2016 as I think it's going to be one of the stronger titles releasing during that busy period. I wanted to also mention that the ReCore Collector's Edition looks amazing as the statue is great and statues are not something I'm normally into, worth checking out.

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ReCore E3 2016 Preview

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner