Red Dead Redemption Xbox Series X vs Xbox 360 Comparison

March 26, 2021 at 4:29pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a technical analysis and breakdown of multiple options going up against one another. Here you can see the Red Dead Redemption Xbox Series X vs Xbox 360 comparison which will provide a direct visual showcase within the video. This is then filled out with the text based information detailed further down in this article.

This is to provide easier options for viewing, and context for when wanting to find out what exactly is going on between the various selections being shown upon the video. Mostly you get a visual display, and if you’d prefer to just read what’s present you can also see that in action which is a good mix of choices.

There’s not only a quick body of information text, but also a quick table area to provide fast details if you’re not wanting to dive deeply into the topic. With that, you can watch the video presentation right here, or head further back to find out more about what’s being displayed.

Xbox Series X

Resolution Native 4k (3840x2160)
Frame Rate 30fps
HDR (High Dynamic Range) No

Xbox 360

Resolution 1280x720
Frame Rate 30fps
HDR (High Dynamic Range) No

Side by Side Comparison Technical Notes
This is a fairly straight forward comparison, but also one that presents a fairly large gap in terms of the resolution. The frame rate is the same for both hitting 30fps, now the Xbox Series X does perfectly hit that mark the entire time through.

What’s changed here is the resolution is now 4k for Xbox Series X has its inherits the Xbox One X Enhancement that provided the upgrade. This provides a perfectly crisp, high quality picture being the best way to experience this particular title in the modern era.

It’s quite a difference in terms of the look, and style of the particular game. A true treat for this gem of a release from Rockstar, a defining western experience from that era. It now perfectly comes alive, and looks entirely clean to the eyes from any view distance. Sharpness is really a big part of this upgrade.

This is the ultimate western experience where you play as John Marston as he makes his way across the west. He’s trying a different change of pace, but it isn’t necessarily too easy to outrun the outlaw lifestyle once you’re in. Enjoy a gripping story of one now family man struggling to battle old problems that come back to haunt him.

Then there’s a robust online experience that is still available to the point of writing that allows you to face off against others in an open world environment, compete in various game modes or just free roam and have a grand time. It’s expansive for its era, offering distinct locations with day and night cycles that go by. It’s quite an offering of game time, being one seriously impressive release of the era, that’s for sure.

Hopefully the comparison was helpful in understanding the changes that are being presented between these options. It can help greatly to have a quick visual presentation that’s lined up for a faster viewing.

This side by side comparison should really provide all of the info you need to know when it comes to matching up these choices and giving you the quick facts to see why they’re being placed up against one another. You can read a review of a related title below, or check out a game hub for further coverage as well. Don’t forget to check out the video content to see the experience in action.

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Red Dead Redemption Xbox Series X vs Xbox 360
Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner