Red Dead Redemption 2 Tips & Tricks

The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is certainly impressive and with it being so expansive, there are so many little details. With that, I've been compiling some tips and tricks that might be helpful for those starting out. There may also be some interesting details that more advanced cowboys might not know about. They're all in short form and also presented in the video below.

-The smallest of inclines will kill you, especially on horseback. If there's a way around that's rather close, don't risk jumping down even the slightest bump. I've had one too many broken necks in this.

-When you die, your horse respawn beside you. I've had this work every time so I believe it to be true in almost all cases. Helpful if you need that horse.

-Cut corners when using waypoints or guides to a location. The waypoint will send you along roads which is often slower. Similarly, go around towns as venturing through them slows your pacing.

-Losing hats sucks, you can often come back to a spot to find them if you were in a scrap or fight. You can also take hats from others if they fit your style.

-It's worth adventuring out there, random events can come into play and disappear possibly forever afterwards. These are mostly white markings on the map that note "stranger".

-To build on the map aspect the red markings are bounty hunts going after you, avoid those or there will be an array of horse riding maniacs shooting at you. You can pay the bounty off too if that's your thing.

-You can shave at camp, or at the barber. To build on the camp aspect, it's essential to upgrade Dutch's house first. It increases contributions by the others in your group. After that you're able to pay $325 for an upgrade that allows fast travel, a heavenly bonus. If you're looking to skip time, beds at your camp can allow you to pick certain times. You can also just generally pass time when needed.

-If you're going to commit a crime, wear your bandana as that will conceal your identity.

-Take care of your horse, clean it and pat it. As you gain affinity through this bonding you can call it from further and it'll be more effective. The horse hauls all, be smart with it in general. Another horse tip, when galloping by a train with your horse you can tap "X" or console equivalent to board it.

-Be careful with horses or carriages, it's easy to run people or other horses over. This can cause problems...

-Water hides tracks, especially in the snow.

-Most buildings have cash, especially during missions. If there's not cash, you'll find helpful resources by looking in drawers.

-Hip fire is a powerful tool, use it wisely. Great for attacks, but over long distances it's not useful. Use cover, it makes you very effective at dipping out to shoot others. You can move from cover to cover easily with a tap. On top of that, if you peak out while aiming it'll snap to an enemy for an easy kill.

-Blocking constantly and countering is the best method for fist fights.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner