Redeemer: Enhanced Edition Review

"Stacked Brawling"


August 20, 2019 at 6:37pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a fairly straight forward brawling title. You play as a man that wanted peace in his life, that was however a short lived dream. His tranquil life has been interrupted by a group of mercenaries and he’ll have to smash his way through them to find out what’s happened. It’s a linear experience featuring around fifteen chapters.

There’s not a whole lot of exploration, with minor elements or choice in how you handle the areas. There are also a couple semi hidden objects to look for. The levels are fairly quick, but they can be rather difficult at times due to the clustering of enemies. There are boss fights occasionally, these were quite bland and felt uninspired. Essentially, just a brief brawlfest there. That’s actually most of the game, just smashing enemies against walls or your character’s fists. There’s somewhat of a narrative here, some in-game and cartoon scripted segments.

The in-game cutscenes were really rough to watch. Aside from the campaign there’s also an arena mode to play. Additional maps are added to this area as you continue to play the main game. This is a survival type mode where you battle against waves of enemies. A nice extra bit of content for the package to provide.


The visuals are alright in this, it’s presented in a mostly top down perspective. You go from room to room smashing enemies around. It’s a brawling game, so melee is the main form. You can enhance this further through skills and weapon pick-ups. The skill tree offers some rather confusing ways to buff your skills. I was often confused as to what I could upgrade while browsing it.

The pick-ups are not only melee based, guns are also present. You’ll find a wide range of guns, and many sharp or blunt objects to use. You can also use the environment to bash enemies, that was neat yet lots of clipping issues there. There’s a neat sense of environmental destruction. The enemies are fairly varied, yet come across as repetitive due to how densely packed they are. This in turn makes the game feel repetitive, it’s not too bad however as smashing enemies is cool.

The option for stealth is also appreciated, yet minimal. I did find there were some minor issues while playing, nothing too critical. The visuals were alright, they at least had varied environments to visit. I wasn’t however too thrilled by the visuals, with these types of games I’ve seen some truly gorgeous efforts in the past.
Redeemer: Enhanced Edition Review Xbox Wallpaper Screenshot

The Conclusion

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition is an alright brawling game, it’s somewhat different and a good effort. I thought it was, at times fun to play. There were some issues, and this really didn’t excel but delivered a generally fine time. It’s really awesome to execute enemies against the environment, or while bashing but it does get rather repetitive and tiring as you do it many times.

Difficulty can spike a bit in some areas, but it’s fair for checkpoints. It’s good, just not great or anything like that. It could have perhaps used some more content to it. That being said, I appreciate the addition of the arena as that adds value for those that enjoy the core package this provides to players that jump in onto it.

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Redeemer: Enhanced Edition Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 6.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner