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"Raging Bikes"


Road Rage just doesn't have anything to it, it's an empty game that feels as though it released in a simpler time. That being a couple generations ago when this level of content was acceptable. There's not exactly anything too wrong with it, but the game itself is pointless and shallow. It's strange as it actually performs alright, but I don't see that the developers had any direction in what they were doing. The game starts out open as you move around a tiny distract and you get cell phone calls for new races.

You then just go race to race completing them and that's all there is. I wouldn't say there's any narrative to it or even point as to what's going on. The opening cutscene was horrible and the game itself doesn't emulate the world it painted. I will say there's a good selection of race options present, but the world isn't large so they're not too diverse. The game also has multiplayer which is an alright option and an easy select option to race fast if you so choose.


It actually doesn't look too bad visually and it played fine. The motorcycles handled alright, but didn't take too kindly to most turns. The world is empty for the most part, there are some pedestrians you can hit for whatever reason and a couple cars that drive by. The houses and environments are decently detailed, but it's a very small world.

The races allow you to easily cheat and nothing seems too serious as you just smack other drivers off their bikes without challenge. It's too easy and there's really no difficulty involved at all. The bikes do have some fair customization, you can buy various colors or parts and even get a wide selection of weapons.

Road Rage Xbox Wallpaper Screenshot

The Conclusion

I didn't get the point of Road Rage, I have no idea of what the logical goal was for the title. There was no story, no real goals or even well set races. The customization was fine and I think there was potential here but it was all just a pointless collection of small ideas.

The world isn't very big, it looks fine visually though I did notice some items would load in and out while I was moving across it. It feels like an empty wasteland with some races that might capture your attention for maybe an hour of gameplay. The multiplayer is a nice touch I suppose, but overall this game makes no sense. It doesn't even emulate the proposed world the opening story cinematic suggested it might have.

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Road Rage Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 3.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner