Robocraft Infinity Review

"Block by Block"


Robocraft Infinity is a multiplayer only game where players craft and then battle it out with their creations. You can build whatever you'd like block by block and then see how it performs against what others have been making. If you're not too creative there are some prefab models to work from and the option to download creations built by the community. The creation area is simple, very intuitive and filled with objects, you can even test out the creation right away. I do somewhat worry about the way you obtain additional objects as that is loot crate based.

The progression seems fine, but I have seen the scales tipped for those that have received better weaponry. Still, it was balanced fine enough and I typically did very well with base lasers. The multiplayer is split between Team Deathmatch and an objective mode based around ring capturing. I would have liked more options, yet this does keep matchmaking quick since the player pool is focused. The ring based mode worked well offering a fair and balanced battle in most situations where you attempt to destroy a core over a set amount of time. All modes are currently 5v5 for lobby counts.


The gameplay aspect of Robotcraft Infinity really is vastly different based on what vehicle you make. You could be running on mech legs, speeding around with wheels or flying in the air. Combat is always a mix of these vehicles and you never know you're going up against. It's wild as an aerial strafe run could come out of nowhere changing the tides of a grounded skirmish. The blocks break off dynamically and that's a huge strategic element.

You could blast off specific weapons or even wheels to immobilize a target. This also looks great as you can visually see the damage at play. The UI also helps with this being slick and showcasing the data in a clean way. The environment is alright, I was a bit disappointed with the look of the world. Especially with the Xbox One X enhancement as grass would render while you walked by it.
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The Conclusion

Robocraft Infinity can certainly be a lot of fun, it has balanced multiplayer and is exciting to play. The battles feel epic and at times, there were many silly moments that kept it fresh. I had accidently selected a one legged dino and that was hilarious as I hopped around in battle.

There is a good selection of distinct maps providing fresh challenges and the modes suffice. I'm worried about balance as time progresses and more crates are unlocked, yet for now the progression loot crate system works fine for those that don't want to spend the extra money.

It's odd a premium game would have this feature, yet it works for the current moment. There's a lot of fun to be had here, it's like those LEGO creations you'd made as a child come to life. Combat is also really enjoyable and there are some small layers of strategy hidden within the arenas.

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Robocraft Infinity Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner