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It's been a long time coming, but the moment is finally here as Rocket League graces Xbox One. This game was a huge hit last year taking the simple concept of soccer and throwing vehicles into the mix. I had never previously played the game and only heard great things so I was very eager to check it out. The game does a number of things really well, the first being that the game is insanely fun for some reason, the second is the great visual presentation and the final part being the wide selection of customization.

It was great to start out by completely customizing my ride and seeing all the empty slots for unlockable parts. Once you get into a match from a selection of versus options depending on match sizes you're thrown right into the action of these beautiful arenas. Cars are bursting at each other while others are soaring across the dome over head. It's quite a sight to behold and quickly becomes a ton of fun once you learn the easy controls.

Matches are very simple as you just compete against each other online or locally with fulls options of replays and rematches if you got into a really close game. There's also a season mode available as well where you can play in a league or sorts and make your way towards the cup with many options to customize your season. There really is a bit of everything for players to choose how they enjoy the game though I'm sure multiplayer will be the favorite.


The game is a very simple concept of taking the popular sport of soccer and then throwing cars into the mix. It performs really well with great driving controls and shiny visuals. You can also find speed boosts as bubbles around the maps to collect for quick bursts of speed or also blowing through an enemy car. There's also great variation in arenas to battle in and options to tweak for matches. It's excellent to see the wide variety of cars out there as you can decorate so many things on your cars such as colors, flags (Canada!), Wheels and more. You're also able to unlock tons of extra customization pieces as well over time including a number of items based off of other games. This includes a handful of Xbox exclusive items from popular franchises including Halo, Gears of War and Sunset Overdrive.

Another really impressive aspect of the game is just how quick it's to matchmake, unlike many games these days it just quickly gets you into a match without any problems. It also just fills in empty spots with AI as well while waiting for new players to join which keeps it even. For those that enjoy replays the game presents that well after goals or even after the match with a full theater mode that's quite impressive.

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The Conclusion

The biggest thing to Rocket League is that it's just a ton of fun. That's often lost in some games and I would have never thought the game would be so entertaining. Its crazy driving around with cars smashing into each to move this large ball around and then hitting that big goal with a huge explosion is so satisfying.

The concept may be simple, but the game brings cars and soccer together flawlessly. Rocket League is a truly all around great experience which is completely fun while still bringing a competitive edge to it as well.

Rocket League Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner