Rocket League Xbox One X Enhanced Preview

The Rocket League Xbox One X enhanced update took a long time to release, but it was certainly worth the wait. I had personally desired to see this release much earlier, but it's nice to get it during a quieter time update wise. With that aside, going into details about why it was worth the wait is important. The game has been given a significant boost from 1080p 60fps to a native 4k resolution at 60fps with that being 3840x2160p if you're not familiar with the pixel count for 4k. It has also been given a number of interesting HDR options.

HDR is still a developing technology in games with many titles now using it, with the latest titles finally offering options to adjust it instead of the one setting being default. With Rocket League HDR you're getting three ways to assist your tweaking. First off there's "HDR Paper White" where you're able to adjust how bright a paper white surface should look when the setting is enabled. There's also a simple, but helpful contrast adjustment for HDR. Finally, they finish the area off by allowing a "Side-by-Side Visualizer" where you can compare HDR on versus off. You're able to directly see the changes.

Rocket League was always a game featuring vibrant colors and fast paced action. That's only been accelerated and perhaps boosted greatly with the jump to a native 4k. The resolution truly does wonders for this making the colors and details pop. The cars look better than ever, as do the smaller details such as those small blades of grass that you whip by or the screaming fans out there in the stands. It really does look far better and every arena is just stunning in this update. I was surprised by just how much this game could be improved with the higher resolution as it really does look amazing.

The particle effects just pop from those goals or bursting jets shooting from your cars. The HDR layer is just a sweet extra and helps make this look so glorious. I was truly impressed with what they've done with this update. I've always enjoyed this title in a casual sort of way and it's so nice to hop in again to an even brighter experience. It's still just a ton of fun to play and with the cross-play options it makes this game always have an active community. It's definitely an update to revisit the game for if you've been yearning for a little car soccer and needed an excuse.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner