RogueCube Review

"Exploding Cubes"


September 26, 2020 at 9:20pm
By Jason Stettner

This is a fast paced shooter where you’re playing as a cube that’s attempting to push through and survive. Each playthrough is slightly unique in its setup, that keeps things fresh as you work towards completing the fairly large selection of levels.

Each particular level, or well area that you reach has a unique feel to it. The types of foes, and weapons will also differ as you continue to progress. You will also likely face some bosses along the way too. It’s interesting, at the same time somewhat tiring to have to start from scratch.

The levels are quick, but do vary in terms of scale. It does provide a good challenge, and some varying ways to play it. There’s the solo campaign as outlined, and local multiplayer campaign too. Past that, there are local competitive modes as well. That provides up to four player local coop and multiplayer action.


It’s got some simplistic visuals, but features some particle destruction. There’s some neat shaking to your blasting, so you feel the impact of the various weapons you gain access to. You’ll acquire special items that assist your journey, and of course tons of ammunition.

It’s a fairly basic to play game, but one that provides difficulty and many ways to engage with it. There are unlockable characters available that will change things up further. These were neat to try out, as they will directly alter your abilities in some aspects of the game.

Since you do die multiple times in this, the worlds are somewhat different in each run. I just wish there was some sense of progression, it gets tiring after awhile to have to restart with nothing from the previous effort.
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The Conclusion

RogueCube provided some fun moments, a good selection of levels and frantic action. There’s a good variety of enemies, many weapons to use and some variation within the levels you work through. It’s got a good amount of challenge to it. There are ways to play with others locally, and a decent selection of modes.

I would have liked a better sense of progression, as it was tiring to restart with nothing each time through. It’ll provide some minor entertainment to some for a decent amount of time. It features some fairly easy Xbox Achievements to earn, that’s not considered for the score but worth mentioning as some consider it an element they look at.

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RogueCube Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner