Ryse: Son of Rome Review

"For Rome!"


The story of Ryse is told through basically flashbacks and then real time as the it twists together the pieces to ultimately tell a fairly great story. You are a son of Rome having witnessed your family being murdered by barbarians and then go on an all hell quest for revenge. This leads you to travel across far away lands campaigning for Rome and discovering truth, along with the corruption that is within the goverment.

It was actually really well done and had me questioning what was happening almost all the way to the end as I continued my quest to help and then eventually save Rome as it progressed. There are a number of bosses present throughout this tale with some being rather annoying in how they are handled, though all fit into the story nicely without being ridiculous. Though there was some particular ones that seemed to stale out the game with taking too long, only a small negative though.

The enemies do at times get repetitive as the game is based primarily around hack n' slash though I found the button mashing to be fine. The rewards are what actually made this fine as all of the executions are awesome and tons more are unlockable as you do double executions, arm slashes or a number of dismembering options. Despite this I feel the enemies could have used some more work to make them original as many are the exact same and honestly how many of these large fat guys have the same weapons/beards!

There's also a lot of side things going on to witness while traversing or cutting off limbs with small natural pieces floating or folks running about on the sidelines. The environments are what really stand out in this title truly showing off some beautiful graphics with deep worlds that always seem to have something going on.

It really is amazing to marvel at the water effects or just walk through a forest as it sways to the wind. This all leads to a very strong campaign that is well put together and works fluid with the game's ability to level your character while speedily returning to combat. Cutscenes are absolutely gorgeous and many are pure gameplay expcept for those dipicting marble work.
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The multiplayer area allows you to sync up with a friend or random as you attempt to entertain the crowd in the proud coliseum. It really makes for an interesting mode that can definitely provide some hours of gameplay without getting to rinse and repeat as the story can. It can also be done in solo though you will get slaughtered fairly quickly and it is better to have a pal as double executions are sick.

The world also features dynamic moving tiles that shift as new objectives are given or as the world itself feels fit. It's a great mode that adds some value to the game and has a season pass to continue the slaughtering. Will add final note that at times the game freezes where your character cannot move until hit, though i'm sure this can be easily fixed.


The world looks amazing with no noticeable graphical errors present and everything runs smoothly. Some folks may find that the game lacks variety, though it is hack n' slash no repeating combat is expected.

Executions are always a joy to perform while always mixing it up to make each one uniquely special with crazy back drops if you line it up right. Some of the bosses are annoying in style and at times you may very well seem over whelmed with enemies, though it is very rewarding to overcome these parts.
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The Conclusion

Overall Ryse is a great display of the next generation finally providing me with a story that is in Roman times as many games of that genre are builders of RTS. The campaign was great with rich story, though it is somewhat short with only a small number of customizables to perhaps take you back again. Each level was well detailed and strung together really well that had be thinking things could go multiple ways, though it tied for a very rewarding ending.

Hacking for hours is expected in this title and enemies are fairly much the same throughout with me calling some out that I can't wait to slash their heads off as I was about to most certainly do. Kinect controls add to the game well and are placed usefully within combat. Multiplayer is also a blast providing some hours of random combat in the arena with a friend online while you complete the various objectives and just slaughter enemies in troves. Also rolling is OP there so use it as much as possible. Your time in Rome may be quick, but it is special and worth a visit.

Ryse: Son of Rome Review on Xbox One

Rating Overall: 7.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner