Saints Row IV Review

"The Most Dramatic Saints Ever"


The Saints now run the Whitehouse and you are president of the United States. This is quite simply put forward at the start and then everything goes from there with an action packed opening where you quite easily take out a missile. Crazy, mad and basically everything that makes Saints Row such a wild series. Once making your way back to the pimped out Whitehouse you make some fun elective decisions that are very entertaining to make.

This is when there is a random turn made and aliens start invading, snatching up folks while destroying much of the local area/the planet. Your individual character which of course was custom tailored earlier awakens within a simulation that is some in resemblance to the good old 50's. Discovering that this world is indeed fake after munching some pancakes you are buzzed back into reality from Kinzie which on your team and she guides you to escape the simulation. The madness continues from this plot start as you escape the mothership while kicking mad amounts of alien ass with super weapons and general Saints style.
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That in essence is the complete opening that provides the foundation to fairly much a Matrix environment switching between the real world and the simulation where you must go to save the rest of your team from what is always presented in their worst nightmares. It's an interesting route for the game to take as Saints Row doesn't ever seem to take itself with any seriousness and somehow still delivers a most solid of a dramatic story. Take the fight to the aliens while moving through a many obstacles from these twisted random worlds that throw you between weird graphics, 2D lands or even unimaginable landscapes to traverse.

Saving each member of the team is a great experience with great jabs at the past, present or even time inbetween as their own minds come alive. Some of them are really far out there while some are nice nostalgia of previous installments and also will throw in there that Gat is back so that was a nice addition. Quite obviously being in the simulation allows you to have godlike super powers that makes a great feeling that is similar to that of Crackdown whiler retaining it's own feel, actually whenever I leave the simulation despite on the odd occasion getting a mech suit I feel weak in comparison.

I mean its nice to be out and about walking, though running up walls or throwing enemies about with telekinesis is more my thing. Not to say the time inbetween is boring as the ship you eventually acquire is a very entertaining mock of Mass Effect where you can venture randomly talking to people and basically pursuing fast paced romances. It's always nice to play through something that combines a mix of out there gameplay with balance of grounded reality.

Somehow all of this story comes together for an enjoyable and dramatic story that has a somewhat satisfying conclusion that is filled with plot twists all about. Aside from the main questing there are many hours of side quests or personal quests for your fellow Saint squadmates to gain extra abilities or credits. Then even layered on there are tons of collectables, side activities or even a vast array of mini events to take part in.


The multiplayer component of Saints Row IV is that of coop where basically you have the great same crazy time, but with a friend which only makes the expereince far more wild and fulfilling. The graphics are fairly pretty while retaining that look that your used to with somewhat a recycle of Steelport once more with major upgrades/simulation graphical changes all about.

Stores themselves have been converted and actually need some simple hacking to unlock for your benefit, though all the good old ones are still available for you to shop in. Music is more streamlined as everything is a simulation and driving seems to be even more perfect then before. It's an amazing collectable filled world with almost unlimited customizing options for you to play with.
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The Conclusion

This is all the over the top gameplay that you have come to expect from a series that really doesn't give a damn to what anyone thinks. Crazed movement through a familiar world that is filled with hours of activities to do or collectables to collect.

For anyone that complains about the style or course of the Saints Row just need to sit down and take it easy in this hilarious title. The Saints are back and kicking in their fourth installment, starting from basically nothing back in the day to becoming the leaders of the United States.

Saints Row IV Review on Xbox 360

Rating Overall: 8.4

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner