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Sega Heroes is a gem matching game with turn based combat that's set off by the combinations you create. There's a narrative here that justifies a combination of classic franchises as they battle knock-offs in an epic series of battles. The story is told through pop-up on the screen character speech bubbles. It's sort of a background thing, but a nice addition to at least try to explain why everyone is together. This is a strange sort of setup to be honest as it features classic characters, I would have thought more modern ones would be present as well. There are a number of Sonic characters included, but most haven't had a large presence in the games for quite some time.

You're given a small team to start and a hand guided tutorial to learn the basic mechanics. You're matching rows of gems to attack and build up your general abilities. You can max out your powers and unleash upon enemies, if your character has fallen this mechanic also revives them. They don't give you a whole lot of health when you do get the characters brought back though. It's fairly hands-off gameplay aside from matching the gems. You don't have a whole lot of control as to what's happening. That being said, the gem matching looks good and plays well. It can be quite a fun time as well as you battle across a large variety of missions in the campaign or take part in events.
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Sega Heroes is a decent gem matching game with almost hands-off turn based combat that looks exciting featuring lots of dynamic animation. There's an interesting roster here that I'm sure many will enjoy assuming they're knowledgeable of the Sega classics library. It's a bit difficult to unlock them however as you need to collect fragments of them. Sonic in particular is gained by finishing various challenges within the game.

You'll need to fight in certain battles to collect the pieces and that can be extremely time consuming. It's a bit disappointing in that regard. Battles consume energy and you're able to level characters as well. I never seemed to run out of energy and always had enough currency to keep my characters at a good strength level. If you're looking for character unlocks it can take awhile, but you get a decent roster to start with and if you keep them leveled you shouldn't have too difficult of a time battling through this. Obviously gem matching fans will have the most fun and this isn't a bad time, it can just take awhile to get to where you want with it.

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Sega Heroes Review on IOS
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Rating Overall: 6.7/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner