Shadow of the Tomb Raider How to Use Outfits

One of the main questions that is often asked is just how to use outfits in Shadow of the Tomb Raider? It's quite easy, though you will need to play a bit into the game in order to access them. The various Lara Croft outfits can be accessed by checking in at a fire. While these camp fires are great for leveling up skills or getting a checkpoint, they're also the place you change outfits. The first one is after you land in the forest after a terrible crash.

Enter the fire, then head over to the middle tab noted as "inventory". From here you're able to tab over one from the weapons and see all of the currently available gear that you can wear. There's the regular outfits, DLC ones and of course legacy choices as well. On top of that you're able to put on additional items such as tunics or pant overlays for extra bonuses. Hopefully this answered the question well, check out our review of the game below. Additionally you can see a video of each outfit included in the game after initial completion with the Lara Croft edition outfits also shown.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner