Shadow of the Tomb Raider Interview Round Table

Interview with Daniel Chayer-Bisson, Game Director at Eidos-Montreal

For this interview we were sent in with a small group, round table style. It was in a really neat comfy side area and trailed our hour of gameplay. With this Shadow of the Tomb Raider event in Montreal I’ll have a number of articles based on details I was given, this is one of a few interviews conducted while there. Daniel Chayer Bisson, Game Director on this entry was the representative I was lucky to chat with on what we had just played and the general game. Keep in mind that questions were from the general press group of a few and myself.

In terms of the creative aspect, what were the challenges with this third entry?

Daniel: The goal here was how can we really know who Lara is exactly? We want players to understand she’ll be the Tomb Raider at the end of this. Endings are hard to pull off, it’ easy to start a series than to conclude it. Not just close this game, but the whole trilogy.

How do you keep the series fresh?

Daniel: All third games are never best, normally the second always is. Knew we had to do something special here. Shadow of the Tomb Raider had a three and a half year production schedule. In Eidos-Montreal, their trademark is the story. Emotion is king, first thing on the whiteboard. Eidos also has great experience with big social exploration hubs.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Interview
How are the visuals and enhancements handled in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

Daniel: A little different from Rise of the Tomb Raider. Pushing the envelope visually, 4k 30fps HDR was shown today on Xbox One X. We’ll have a high frame rate at 1080p 60fps and an Enriched offering.

Will we explore other environments other than the jungle?

Daniel: Other environments, can’t specify. Jungle was the first choice. We decided we weren’t going to do it and explore other things. Not the jungle, too much of a nostalgic element. Bring something more fresh, ended up going back to the jungle. Way more about the living than the dead. The environment is alive there, way alive.

What’s new terms of mechanics and tool for Lara?

Daniel: For mechanics we had to reintroduce the ore elements. For new players, to learn how to move and jump around. The currently featured new mechanic is the option to rappel. Lara ha bigger muscles, she can do things she never could do before. Wall running will be a showcase of this. Lots of underwater areas to explore. Skills and such will be expanded.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Explosions
With this being the defining ending, will there be more games?

Daniel: More Lara after the trilogy. This is the end of her origin story, her reaching the top of her game. Choice at the end, two things that can happen. Define who she will become as the Tomb Raider. Bigger and more emotional story than others. Never experience Lara like this, you’ll crying in some scenes.

Base Camps?

Daniel: Yes

Are Tombs optional or woven into the main story?

Daniel: First, Challenge Tombs are part of the DNA.

How has Jonah changed for this latest entry? Will we see Sam again?

Daniel: Jonah is great, changed a lot here. His own story arch throughout the game. He’s very physically fit from following Lara around. I would say that Jonah is pivotal here. Sam was what Lara wanted to be.

Will there be multiplayer?

Daniel: Listening to the fans so yes multiplayer. It won’t be competitive, it’ll be a different kind of cooperative multiplayer. It should impress and be different. Can’t give additional details than that.

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