Sonic Generations Xbox One X Enhanced Preview

Sonic Generations was something I played briefly back when it released during the last generation, to check it out again I had to borrow a copy from my sister as luckily I recalled she had one. I was very impressed with this Sonic Generations Xbox One X enhanced update as the game looks as though it just released. There's something about the art style mixed with the high resolution that makes it look so clean and fresh. It's also more of a historical piece of the Sonic franchise being a "best of" compilation. You get a mix of worlds with levels featuring both 2D and 3D offerings.

You can play one level with the newer Sonic and then experience it with the older one. It's great and a lot of fun to see how they take inspirations from both yet alter the design of them. The contrast of the two is a special experience. It's a blast to play and really does capture that speed which makes the series so fun at times. The levels are also all so aesthetically pleasing. Whether that's the smooth multi-level of environment courses or what's going on the background. They're packed to the rim with depth and it's a treat. I don't know how they managed to get the two vastly different styles together in a way that feels natural to both.

While I have played the classic Sonic titles I'm honestly more of a fan of the 3D releases. That may sound horrible, but it's for the good ones and not the string of poor releases with the newer Sonic. When I was young I played Adventure one and two, along with Heroes. These were all good games, it was just what followed that wasn't great. Keep in mind that the older games were a tad before my time of gaming though I have played them on Sega Genesis and again on Xbox 360. That aside, it's a blast to play as either Sonic in this title. Revisiting all those classic levels with a refreshed look and they really do shine with that 4k resolution. The colors pop and the whole thing is just gorgeous.

I'll go into specifics now, remember that with these Xbox One X enhancements that nothing is changed within the game and it's just a resolution boost. On Xbox One S there's 4X the pixel count whereas the premium console gets 16X. It's also worth noting that this game was released as enhanced while also debuting as a Xbox Backwards Compatible release. This is honestly such a treat and unlike other releases I don't feel like this game has aged at all. It feels like a brand new release and that art style really leans well into the 4k resolution and comes out beautifully.

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Sonic Generations Xbox One X Enhanced Screenshot
Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner