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Sports Party is essentially a compilation of summer based sporting events to take part in. The list of activities is rather odd including the following; Frisbee, Jet Ski, Basketball, Golf, Skateboarding, and Beach Tennis. None are very complex, and each offers about the same amount of value. When starting the game you're able to play straight up quick matches of the various sports, or compete in a championship comprised of varying events. There's also a full customization area to make your own avatar, you unlock additional customization options the more you play the game.

It's really straight forward in terms of what's available and again, not a whole lot of complexity here. With Frisbee you're either lightly throwing into ground spots or trying to hit targets. This one is fairly simple honestly, I liked the ground spot based one though it is super repetitive. Jet Ski comes with a few races, they are lap based and rather short.

The Basketball might be the best area featuring a competitive 2v2 area or a free shooting type challenge. The competitive option doesn't offer much tweaking for the setup, but it does play well with difficulty options. In Golf you're playing on a few courses with options for the number of holes you play. Skateboarding is just racing across a few levels with difficulty options. It seemed to have some performance issues when undocked. Beach Tennis was also a neat one with 1v1 or 2v2 and difficulty options to play.


For the most part the game runs and looks fine either docked or undocked. I did notice slower loading when handheld and that the skateboard game had some performance issues at times. The visuals are alright, they capture the aesthetic well with a mostly static backdrop aesthetic. It feels simple in scale, but there are reasons due to the limited power for this platform.

It looks fine honestly, yet not anything amazing. The controls can be played either with the buttons or motion. I found the motion a bit awkward to setup, but it worked perfectly fine for the various sports once you got into matches. I prefer buttons, but either choice is fine to play it with. The multiplayer is local with a number of options depending on the sport you're playing.
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The Conclusion

Sports Party is a mostly alright package of events that is great for the general audience. It doesn't excel or provide too much depth into any of the sports, but does offer a number of options. Each of the games was fun to play and for the most part performed fine. The motion and button control options are appreciated, both were fine to play the sports with.

The visuals are alright, they capture the look of a summer time well. There were good options for local multiplayer or just playing by yourself. I would have liked more depth, but they do give a sense of progression by granting new outfits and unlocking further events. I found the core to be just playing, but championship modes are there too.

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Sports Party Review on Nintendo Switch
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Rating Overall: 6.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner