Star Wars Battlefront 2 Could Beat Call of Duty

The recent DICE games of Battlefield and Battlefront have both continued to see growth in their sales whereas the Call of Duty franchise has seen a steady decline in recent years, this could very well be a point of which the former beats the latter.

The first Star Wars Battlefront topped over 14 million sales which is damn impressive for a franchise that's been sitting dormant for many years. Sure, carrying the Star Wars name is helpful though to hit that level of sales is most certainly impressive. This really being for any game as few hit that high of sales or even close to it.

Battlefield 1 itself is hitting towards similar numbers at a projected 15 million with a stronger initial start and these together build towards a scenario of what could be for Battlefront 2. Considering the first game sold such a staggering amount despite being just a solid game as it was lacking many elements fans wanted, it did really well.

The outlook for the sequel is even brighter as it appears to have many of the desired aspects of gameplay that fans had wanted in the first place. This of course being all eras of Star Wars, proper space battles and a single player campaign. Considering how well it did despite being somewhat shallow, the idea of the game containing the full expected content could create a chance for great success.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Kylo Ren

While having all of this promise for content, this would suggest higher review scores. The first was just solid by all means as a median score and having a better one here could help with expanding its reach. Taking a game that did fine with a good footing to build from and expanding on everything will most likely raise scores in turn creating excitement before launch.

There's a certain buzz and hype for any Star Wars property, pair this with a sequel to a generally enjoyed game with more to it and that will only build on its success. When looking at Call of Duty in recent years, it's obviously still topped the charts but it's not setting yearly records anymore. This is certainly a decline and with the holiday season getting more crowded with releaes and a true competitor coming into play this could be a period of shifting.

I had originally thought the gap would even be further closed last year since there was such a clamor for a World War shooter and while it did, there was still space between the two. Star Wars Battlefront 2 does bring excitement and with the assistance of Star Wars: The Last Jedi backing it up around the same period of time, it could create a mega hit.

The console audiences have also matured more at this point in terms of consoles available for the current generation and that will provide a larger pool that might have been missed the first time around. If there's any game to have a shot at dethroning the Call of Duty series, it's most definitely Battlefront 2.

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