Star Wars Battlefront Classic Xbox One X Enhanced Preview

For this Original Xbox Star Wars Battlefront we need to jump all the way back to 2004 when it arrived and really did make an impact. The second title followed it shortly after just a year later and sadly a third one never came to light. Now fast forward to the present time when the game is magically Xbox Backwards Compatible and Xbox One X enhanced. There's two Battlefronts from the latest generation of gaming, yet there's something that's still perfect about these classics.

Here I'll focus on the very first of the series and do a separate article on the sequel. With this original game it aimed to do something different by bridging infantry and vehicle combat together in a natural way. There was a good selection of maps, historical battles and good old splitscreen. I of course won't forget the epic Galactic Conquest and online multiplayer which is no longer functional, the latter that is. With this Star Wars Battlefront Xbox One X enhanced improvement there's 16x the pixel count on the premium console whereas the base model enjoys 4x the pixel count. It's good to throw that in there for those that don't know about just how big of a jump it is from the source material to the 4k resolution. Especially with the great widescreen support.

The game certainly has aged, yet it looks really great in 4k resolution with the cleaned edges. The models appear sharp, the floor areas are excellent and in general the gameplay is still really fun. The backdrops look absolutely dreadful however being super low resolution flat images and that's slightly improved within the sequel. Another neat aspect is I now understand more about the technology involved with performance. I say that's neat, as I'm able to take a look at smaller details. At a distance you can see large objects such as AT-AT Walkers with lower resolution polygons and as you get closer they become more defined. You see similar shortcuts in other areas such as the fog at docks, it's more a performance thing with loading as opposed to actual fog.

It's a neat effect and only with the power of the Xbox One X can you actually see that in motion. I'm not downplaying how good it looks which is incredible bringing back so many memories, just that it's neat to think about how they achieved the look. The game was never meant to be played at 4k, yet it does shine at that level. It's also a very different Battlefront, you could go prone down on the ground and it's a tight third person. The vehicles are varied between air and ground, there's so much to it. The levels feel expansive yet intimate, the historical battles were light yet still enough. Star Wars Battlefront is still worth checking out to this day; even if the sequel is far better, it's really neat to see how this one played. Also, some of the maps were unique to this game and they're great.

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Star Wars Battlefront Classic Xbox One X Enhanced Screenshot
Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner