Star Wars Episode 1 Racer Review

"Now This is Podracing!"


November 18, 2020 at 6:27pm
By Jason Stettner

This is the latest Star Wars game to get a port, and perhaps an odd one at that. This is a podracing game based on a portion of Episode 1, and it actually works quite well as being a competitive experience.

There are a few ways to engage with the gripping action, and it was a joy to hop into the driver’s seat in this one. To start there’s a bit of a story campaign mode where you’re working through the various planets and races while seeing cutscenes that slightly present what’s going on. It’s definitely on brand with the movie, and offers some challenges along the way.

Within this mode you’re able to also improve your vehicle and buy assists as well such as Pit Droids to help out. Past the story aspect there’s just quickplay, but even there you need to have played levels in the single player campaign in order to access more than a few available right off the bat which is slightly disappointing.

The game is ancient, it would have been nice to just have the content available without any unlocking. Past that we have time attack for trials based on how quick you are and finally a local two player splitscreen choice. It’s fairly comprehensive for its era and delivers a decent amount of content. It’s generally a solid package, though certainly an aged one at that.


The visuals are definitely that of the original with it being pushed outwards for a full picture experience. It does actually look fine, and it captures the authentic look of the various vehicles. It has many options for pilots and of course podracers to use as well.

There are many to unlock, and as mentioned prior some upgrades are available too. There’s a good selection of maps to play, each feel unique in style and in their complexity. You’re able to pull off some movement tricks, some bursts and also repairs as well during the races.

It does have some level of complexity to it, and offers a rather dangerous time I suppose you could say since the vehicle could easily break into smaller pieces. It would have been nice to get some additional visual changes, but it’s fine as just a regular port with control improvements and a boosted resolution for presentation.
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer Review Xbox Wallpaper Screenshot

The Conclusion

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer brings back a simplistic nostalgic racing game that captures the joys of podracing. It hits the mark in regards to being a solid time, and one that can be rather fun to work through.

It does provide a decent amount of content, just don’t expect anything wildly different from that classic original style of play. It would have been neat to see them try something new with this iteration, but it’s just somewhat nice to even have this available in this day and age.

Many titles of that era were just left behind, so it’s fascinating that this is even a thing you can grab in the modern era. It’s definitely bringing to life a niche element of the universe, a perfect time in for when it released I suppose. I hope to see more obscure titles like this brought forward, it’s fun and has been a blast to see across a number of platforms.

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Star Wars Episode 1 Racer Review on Xbox Series X
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner