Strange Brigade - The Thrice Damned 3: Great Pyramid of Bes Review

"Can't Put It Down"


Strange Brigade - The Thrice Damned 3: Great Pyramid of Bes is the final part of the DLC that expands the narrative of the game. In this last piece of additional content you're battling into a large scale pyramid in order to assemble the mighty shield. This is by far the best release in the season pass as it provides a lengthier and more difficult level to work through. I actually had a fair bit of trouble playing this by myself and did die a couple times. I'd definitely suggest tackling this with a team if possible, especially the ending portion. This is a more narrow map that offers choice at the start and then throws you into a gauntlet.

This presents more frantic gameplay as you're always cornered at every turn, it also forces you to become more strategic. This is a longer level featuring a series of combative segments, puzzles to complete and a terrifying climactic ending where you might have to face something stronger than you've ever seen before. The level is also a tad more complex presenting lots of unique locations and some fun twists along the way. There's a lot of quality to the environment as well with tons of smaller elements and a very detailed series of areas to explore. Expect the usual side puzzles and extras along the way. I will also mention that I had faced a game crash while at a checkpoint causing me to replay the majority of this level and that the Achievements were not active when I rolled through it.
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The Conclusion

Strange Brigade - The Thrice Damned 3: Great Pyramid of Bes is an excellent conclusion to the season pass that does expand the campaign past its original ending. This is definitely a series of levels that should be played if you do want to see the actual ending to the game. The first two were fairly solid, but this is a much better crafted experience.

It features a good challenge, multiple areas to explore and a very detailed environment. The extra collectibles return for you to solve along the way and it's an interesting setup. You get multiple survival segments, a number of required puzzles to work through that don't distract from gameplay and of course an intensive ending sequence. It can be difficult, so it's best to work together with friends if you can. It certainly might be a hard time for those on solo.

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Strange Brigade Review on Xbox One X
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