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"Just a Ton of Fun"


Every once and awhile we get a title that's just so far out there and just rocks that throughout its play we just have a ton of fun. That title this time around is Sunset Overdrive, a wild adventure from Insomniac Games that doesn't take itself seriously and gives us a unique universe to run about in.

This is most definitely the most fun I've had on the console yet, just loving each moment of the campaign that features a great length of play. I spent about nine hours hitting main story line and was thrilled to see so many extra side quests, fun trials and just things to do in this amazing open world. Even further we have a decent multiplayer experience throwing eight players into quick battle matches.

Pushing aside this opening block of saying how much fun I had, let's talk the actual campaign. Sunset has you start right into the action and you're frantically trying to learn the controls as you survive in the tutorial level. I hope that doesn't make it sound rough, but it's neat having you jump right into the middle of things.

Especially being put into an apocalypse caused by the drinking of Fizzco's Overdrive energy drink. With that almost everyone has turned into these weird mutants and if people are still alive, they're a bit crazy to some extent. Which gives us a wide range of colorful side characters with their own missions and quests for you to accomplish in order to progress.
Sunset Overdrive review< Sure some moments the fetch quests may seem a plenty, but it was so rewarding at every step of the way. I couldn't wait to see the next group of people or even what would happen once I completed each mission. I saw a rock concert; saved a robo dog, 3D printed things and collected a vast range of characters for my squad.

The character creation system was also well flushed out allowing any sort of person you wanted to be with funky outfits to buy and the ability to swap gender or whatever, whenever. My character was of a lime color scheme with a glorious yellow scarf flowing in the wind; you can also have a wolf or panda hat, that's hilarious. Each stepping stone in the campaign brought some new or creative way of presenting things despite the length of play and I was quite pleased with that throughout the entirety of my playthrough.

Split into many missions the campaign brings you across the massive city of Sunset which just doesn't seem to end and doesn't have any sort of progression slowing load screens. The world is vibrant and just littered with extra collectibles. It felt almost of a Crackdown style of play which is what I will draw a direct comparison to.

Within this world your collection of items help with amp creations that change variables on things and are brewed with a vigorous tower defense side objective. These are wild as well having so many of these OD creatures rushing about as the traps you place fend them off. You also have a deadly array of weapons at your disposal to slaughter a many more with the TNT certainly being my absolute favorite. There's also some melee weapons and a special sword forged from nuclear reactors which is badass.

It was also very pleasing to see a character/game break that 4th wall and have it interact or directly communicate with the players at times. This made every moment enjoyable and created a strong story. As ridiculous as the whole setup may very well sound, it's all brought together in a well rounded package.

Even more the many raging factions and their converging was interesting to witness as you sped by on a grind rail or were distracted taking out other enemies. Levels brought a wide range of variety within them and there were many side quests to complete which rounded out many extra hours of gameplay.

You can also replay any level you would like for some additional challenges if that's your thing. One final thing to mention would be the neat Sunset TV which can be found around the city and gives a in-game video for you to watch, us reviewers were actually treated with something quite comical.

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The city is practically a parkour heaven as you swing, grind and hop through this smooth city. The option to fast travel is also available, but it was much better to just roll through the world collecting things or venturing off the path. The color scheme of the city was very bright and vibrant with just lovelly cutscenes throughout the missions.

Characters interacted so well with one another and within the world responded well when they were around you. The actual city and lack of loading screens was very technologically intriguing for sure causing a long lasting impression of the smooth world. So many damn weapons are available that are magnificent and a many things for you to buy.

Aside from the amps which mix things up like damage and add properties to weapons is the skill system. Collecting these various points for doing particular things you are able to gain special upgrades like less damage taken or some wicked extra fire power. It all works together to make your character completely unique from everyone else.

Chaos Squad (Multiplayer)

Which brings me to the online aspect having a crazy amount of eight players running and grinding along one another. It's crazy to see this in action and it just runs through a number of quick mini game like modes for you to choose through within the quick pop-up selection wheel.

It mostly felt like we were working towards a goal though it just gets extremely clustered at times with so much going on. From tower defense to throwing bomb hot dogs at a blimp it has a bit of every wacky thing you would need. It's also very easy to hop into a game with multiplayer booths located all around the city to jump into.

I don't know how addicting or catching the actual multiplayer will be for the majority, but it provides extra time in a magical landscape. Also it's very chaotic, don't lose yourself to the madness or eight players whizzing about randomly.

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The Conclusion

Some may pass off Sunset saying it's alright or just another title. It truly isn't with a comical sense that other games just aren't willing to do. A mix of a Deadpool character unique to you and a very vibrant Crackdown like environment.

It's all so impressive and I love the wacky weapons you get to explode upon any foe in your path. The levels feature great variety and I was just excited to play every mission. Multiplayer was alright and adds more to a world already filled with things to do within it. Almost every moment was beyond entertaining and it would be a shame for players not to experience this crazy place.

Fizzie is a bloody maniac and I'm glad Sunset wasn't holding anything back with its mature stance, though options are available to tone that sort of thing done. Grab some overcharge and get ready for one hell of a ride in the most entertaining game on Xbox One. Sunset is just so much fun.

Sunset Overdrive Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 9.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner