Super Bomberman R Review

"Explosions with Guests"


Super Bomberman R is the latest large scale take on the series bringing a squad of characters to battle it out across a selection of modes. It's an interesting package that's large in terms of what's available, yet still limited by the nature and design of the experience. Here there are multiple modes to play, the first I'll highlight is the campaign. This acts as a rebooted story featuring some really awkward narrated cutscenes. They were quite bad so I honestly skipped through most of them as I couldn't stand the voices.

From there you battle through multiple levels completing goals such as eliminating enemies or hitting objective points. This can be played with another player in local coop as well which is a decent addition. There are difficulty selections to choose, they mostly just alter the quantity of lives you get. Aside from the story are a number of party based competitive games. This supports up to eight players when online which can be a wild time. There are local multiplayer options too which allow bots or regular players into the action for an interesting rumble. Finally there's a Grand Prix area for three on three battles with some different rules.


I thought the visuals were rather charming with a distinct 3D look that worked well. There are a wide range of levels and so many extra things to unlock with in-game coins that are earned by playing. Bomberman is a simple game if you're unfamiliar with the series, it's all about bombing one another. The maps are similar to the traditional concept, but offer some great variations for gameplay here. You move around destroying blockades and then attempting to explode everyone else. Chuck bombs around, plant them firmly on the ground or use various power-ups to your advantage that can be found across the maps.

It's again a very simple concept, yet one that can provide great replay value. There are many characters to work towards as well with a whole pile of guest ones. I was especially surprised by the addition of The Master Chief from Halo on Xbox One, that was awesome. There are many Konami characters included as well and I even delayed this review so I could check out an extra content drop. It's quite large and really does stuff the game with extra things to do across the entire package, a nice bonus. It seems the game has been given some decent extra content since it released.
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The Conclusion

Super Bomberman R delivers a well rounded package, with core gameplay that works just like it always has. I really do appreciate the wide range of things you can work towards and the lengthy campaign. I found the cinematics to be dreadful voice wise, could have had a better setup there. The multiplayer is really good with AI that puts up a good battle and it can be too wild with eight players going at it.

There are many settings and ways to alter your experience for battle, so that's neat. There are a number of modes to play whether you want to party locally or online, even play it single player against the AI in matches or in the campaign. Still, I found the general gameplay limited for what they're going for. It's a nice package, yet one that doesn't exactly elevate the classic style. If you have friends this is fun, it can be grand without them too yet I'm not sure the core style of Bomberman will be enough for everyone.

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Super Bomberman R Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 6.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner