Super Lucky's Tale Gilly Island Review

"Splash Time"


Time to head back into this colorful and charming little platformer with Gilly Island. This small DLC adds an additional chapter to the game consisting of a few levels and some additional slider puzzle challenges. It's not a whole lot, but it's a fun little extra bit to the game if you enjoyed the core experience.

I actually found this area to be more fun than that core experience and it's just a nice relaxing set of levels. There's still the challenge of death being a big deal, but it wasn't too crazy with a nice balance between the levels. The tasks weren't difficult and some of the challenge here was very creatively implemented.

This takes place on a tropical location so expect some sandy beaches, floating animals and some easy going vacationers. Here the goal is to stop a hit single from taking off at a launch party as it's rather addicting, or well controlling to anyone that listens. The levels varied well here offering a number of unique styles and goals. The sliding puzzles were once again great, love those and of course there are many collectibles to gather.
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The Conclusion

Super Lucky's Tale Gilly Island is a fine bit of DLC for the game, there's not a lot to it though you do get some extra time with the game. I found this to be a colorful and fun splash in a completely unique environment from the core experience.

It was quite a bit of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the various levels you platform through. There's something charming about the character and it was nice to revisit the game so quickly with this surprise expansion release.

The theme was great here offering some fun platforming elements that matched it well from the animal floaties to the sandy beaches with clear water that everyone was dancing on. With this pack you do get a number of additional levels, many more collectibles to grab and some extra slide based puzzles to work through.

Super Lucky's Tale Gilly Island Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner