Super Lucky's Tale Guardian Trials Review

"Random Challenges"


This is a very odd DLC pack, especially coming so soon after the fair Gilly Island. With Guardian Trials Lucky's big day has arrived for he needs to complete these trials to become a full fledged graduate. What we get here are a series of levels featuring some random challenges and recycled content. It's weird, almost like it's everything that was toyed around with for the game and just sprinkled together here. This place is split into three areas that each challenge an element of gameplay.

There's the Worm area where you sway bubble Lucky across a board to collect coins. To the side of that is the battle section where you fight old bosses from the core game. The final area and the freshest of the selection are ones that challenge agility. It's a mix of side scrolling and traditional 3D action. Each tries to do something different, but again they're short levels that aims to add some frustration. That's really all there is to Guardian Trials, I was hoping for some more of those slider puzzles but none are present.
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The Conclusion

They did add a reason for in-game coin currency with this DLC pack as costumes are introduced, they're fun yet nothing too wild content wise. If you want more of the core elements from Super Lucky's Tale, then Guardian Trials brings that. It's just nothing too complex bringing together a series of seemingly random levels. I was expecting something more interesting, especially after the solid Gilly Island addition. The combat levels were minimal and just featured boss battles that you already have played.

The brain teasers of moving the board around were alright, yet still nothing too interesting. The agility area was the best designed, but it felt uninspired. Gone were the colorful backdrops, instead replaced by this bland world with cool objects floating by. I expect more from this game, especially one that's more friendly and I didn't feel these were levels aimed at being accessible or interesting to all audiences.

Super Lucky's Tale Guardian Trials Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 5.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner