Superhot Nintendo Switch Review



September 19, 2019 at 5:49pm
By Jason Stettner

Within a very saturated genre, Superhot truly does stand out as a unique shooter. I originally played this on Xbox One and we’ve also had someone visit the game on Playstation VR to cover for the site. There’s been nothing but praise, and that continues with this iteration of the game on the Nintendo Switch. Not only does the game hold up to the other versions, it brings the benefit of being entirely portable with the undocked mode.

With the unique visual style it holds up on either viewing situation, and that’s great. So what’s neat about this game is that time only moves when you do. There are a pile of quick, yet possibly long levels that you work through. Behind the scenes of all this fast, yet slow paced action is a really well developed narrative as well. It’s surprising, and there’s a good length to the main campaign of this title.

If just working through the core story isn’t enough, there’s also an endless mode where you can see how long you can last against waves of enemies. A challenge mode follows that where you take on the game with bare hands, no restarts, timed runs and more. Going further past that, there are other things to see such as special art and some mini games as well. It’s really creative, and a very cohesive overall package.


This is a very unique game when it comes to the visual elements at play. You battle in very blank, and white locations. There’s depth within these environments as you battle in offices or in places such as parkades. Each space feels realistic, but is just a sort of blank white which makes enemies pop. The enemies are bright red, crystals in design.

They shatter, as do many elements of the world and that’s great to see in action. Your perspective is a typical first person shooter look and this whole style works flawlessly on either version of the Nintendo Switch presentation. It’s so cool to see bullets in motion, or the particle effects from the destruction within the environments.
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The Conclusion

Superhot continues to delight with a Nintendo Switch port that’s just as comparable to any other console version out there. It packs a wonderful campaign, that’s surprisingly deep and just enjoyable to play through. It was a pleasure to give this one another go as it has been quite some time since I last enjoyed it.

The general campaign provides a good length, some challenging levels and a neat narrative to back it all up. If that’s not enough content, there are extra side modes and it’s just a generally comprehensive package of what this game has to offer for this latest platform that it’s arrived on.

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Superhot Review on Nintendo Switch
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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner