Tannenberg Review

"Across the Front"


August 1, 2020 at 3:15am
By Jason Stettner

This is a multiplayer focused experience where players battle in authentic skirmishes across the Eastern Front of World War I. This is split across a few modes, with the core sector based one seemingly being the only option that carries players. This is a forty player battle scenario where you’re aiming to take over portions of the map while fending off the loss of positions you already have a handle on.

I will note that the other modes include deathmatch and one based on rifle combat. With the multiplayer, they do also have bot support so that you’ll always be able to compete against others which is a nice touch. They’re obviously not at the level of a regular player, but it’s good to have for this type of game.

I generally liked the experience of battling online in this one. It was neat to fit into a squad, and fight along various fronts in order to push forwards. It was neat how some routes could get cut off creating a large scale retreat, and it was just a rather wild time quite honestly. A final note is that private matches are an option for setting up games.


I did find the movement slightly sluggish and the close aiming to be a tad awkward. You can however edit these types of sensitivity options which is nice to have. The weapons do seem fairly authentic, as are the uniforms of the various soldiers. This attention to detail was definitely appreciated. When it comes to the visuals this is fairly gritty, and decently detailed.

There are a number of buildings, trench based areas and many intense looking areas. There were elements of pop-in present and it wasn’t necessarily the prettiest game out there in this genre. That being said, for the scale of this project it ran well and looked solid for what it was.

You get a good sense of scale, and this Xbox One X enhanced offering was overall a great treat to enjoy. There’s a good selection of maps present, and some options in regards to the weathering. This was impressive as the decently lengthy matches felt fresh as I battled on them in different matches.
Tannenberg Review Xbox Wallpaper Screenshot

The Conclusion

Tannenberg delivers a generally solid experience on Xbox One bringing with it bots that can keep the action going forever and large theaters of war. It’s intense at times, and the combat flowed well. They have a great selection of maps, and some nice variation in regards to the atmosphere on top of that.

This is certainly authentic to the time period, and fits into a sort of niche genre quite honestly. It performs well at that, with good squad based battles and it’s a fun time. I generally enjoyed playing it, was somewhat impressed by the visual offering and liked the style of the combat.

It’s a unique title, and certainly something a little bit different for sure. It’s great to see different types of fronts from older wars get supported in this way. It’s also good to have bots be available, makes sure that this game can always be enjoyed even if the player base starts to thin out over time.

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Tannenberg Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 6.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner