The Canadian Brewhouse Northgate Calgary Review

February 21, 2019 at 3:19am

The Canadian Brewhouse in Northgate Calgary is a fresh establishment and I was invited to check it out pre-launch. This was during a special preview type event and I was able to try some foods; as well drinks, with a group of friends. I brought some folks that assist with work on the site, so it was somewhat of a team outing. We were seated in the bar area on the top level, so I can't really mention too much in terms of the main area. It seemed large in scale, bringing varying elements of elevation and a distinct setup.

Focusing on the area I did venture to, it was a fairly intimate bar type of setup. This is mostly due to the vast patio area they have attached to it. It was snowing as it typically does here in Calgary, but I got the idea. There were TVs setup, an array of interesting lights and it was actually massive. It's going to be an impressive space when it's nice enough out. They had a large selection of beer on tap, and many specialty drinks present. I had a regular specialty "Team" drink which was fine and a large offering of Canadian. It came in a frosted special glass and was great. Fanciest presentation of that beer I've ever had.
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On top of that, I had some of their unique shots which were called Dangles. It's a "signature one-of-a-kind shooter" and it really is. Instead of taking it like a traditional shot it's straw based, you just drink it really fast. The flavors taste sort of like freezies and they were top notch. I had one called the "Ninja Turtle" and another called "Grape Fun Dip". Both were excellent.

When it comes to food, our table group was able to each choose one option from a set list of four. I ended up with a Montreal Smoked Sandwich, one of us had the Braised Beef Grilled Cheese Sandwich and the last choice was the Tuna Poke Rice Bowl. To start, we actually shared a massive pile of Nachos as an appetizer. That was a good start, many dip options and extras could be placed on it. Everyone enjoyed this part of the meal.

When it comes to regular food those thoughts continued. I really loved the Montreal Smoked, the grilled cheese was thoroughly snacked upon and quite a bit of the Rice Bowl was eaten. It was rather large. So generally I'd say the food is excellent here, presented well with a good look to it and very filling. Certainly a lot going on there for food and drinks. The Canadian Brewhouse Northgate is located at 425 36 St NE, Calgary, AB T2A 6K3. It looks great from the outside and is easy to spot.

Generally it's a solid establishment, I don't really have any complaints. I'd say the bar area could have been larger as it felt squished when more people entered, but there's lots of sitting space and when the patio comes into play it'll be great. There are also quite a few stairs to get there, not a huge deal though as you only need to venture on them twice. You can check out our hub for general coverage of the city below, see what else is going on in the city.

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