The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Review

"Sunny Days"


The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is the latest expansion to the massive online title which adds a large new landmass for players to visit. This area titled "Summerset" is the home of the High Elves, a place long locked away from foreigners. That has now changed however as Queen Ayrenn is opening the ports and allowing travel to the area.

You can continue your previous adventure or have a fresh start here with a new character. It's a good starting point for those that want to get into the experience that is The Elder Scrolls Online, but have felt as though it would be too late to start. It offers somewhat of a welcoming initial point and it would be nice to see this more for similar games of the genre with their expansions.

When you first enter the area of Summerset you'll immediately be impressed by the entirely different environment. It's the land of a shining sun, glistening trees and splashing waterfalls. It's a place that feels warm and welcoming, while offering a bright array of colors. It's not some bland landscape, it feels fresh and really is a pleasure to venture through.

Within this fairly large area are brand new quests, missions and generally more things to do. Obviously we have the core story to work through, but there are some quite fun side quests to take part in and a mystical Psijic Order to join if you'd like. The general narrative acts as a conclusion to the story that started the moment you picked up the game and what was left at the end of the Clockwork City.


With this being an expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online things are relatively the same when it comes to gameplay. Some additions include new powers through the Psijic Order skill line. There's also the option to craft jewelry which can tweak the rules of combat. There's a twelve player trial titled Cloudrest to take on and some challenges such as with the Abyssal Geysers. It's clearly a fairly complex land mass despite being one that might not come across as massive.

There are many small city areas to explore, some hidden sections too which were magical? That is the best I could describe them as you're sent away and then portal around which was neat. I really did enjoy the look of Summerset, with every little area being detailed and very lively. The landscape was stunning to take in with it being a bright, colorful and happy location to visit. It felt peaceful despite the dark elements that were at play, it was a refreshing location to visit.
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The Conclusion

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is a great expansion to the core experience that adds a vibrant and exciting new landmass to explore. It will obviously feel similar for existing players, but I do believe the world is enchanting in style compared to the regular base game.

This will be great for those that want to continue their journey as it is a main line expansion, but also something that would be good for players that want to give ESO a try for the first time. It's a very welcoming start that gets you going quickly without any problems.

There's a good amount of content here to work through whether you're attempting to get through the new main story line or just exploring for side adventures to take part in. There's the whole crazy Order to try out, you can craft jewelry which I understand has been something players have wanted and generally this is a good expansion of new content.

I personally was enchanted by the look of the place as it's rather charming in comparison to the places you visit during the regular core part of the game. It felt almost as though it was a vacation spot.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Review on PC
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Rating Overall: 8.2

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