The Game Awards 2018: What to Expect, What Won't be There

The Game Awards is fast approaching and its set to once again be a showcase of the industry with various reveals. Some details surrounding what we'll see have already been confirmed and I thought it made sense to compile what to expect with the event. I'll also include what won't be there as some developers have already mentioned their titles won't be shown or that they won't have a presence there.

This is an annual event that has continued to grow and evolve. I personally felt it hit a solid note that last year after some rather awkward shows in the past. There are guest speakers, awards to hand out to various games and of course surprises. I would suggest keeping your expectations tame for larger reveals. The detailed lists of expectations are below and broken down into three categories. Oh, we've included our award nominations page below. We have a fan vote so check it out if you're not busy.
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What to Expect
-10 Brand New Game Announcements
-Awards for Games and Industry
-Obsidian Entertainment will present a new game (RPG)
-Avengers: Infinity War and 4's directors (Russo Brothers). "Could be showcasing Square Enix's Avengers title, or just guests."
-Devil May Cry 5 Live Performance
-Koei Tecmo Announcement
-Special Sales
-Advertisements and Product Placement

You Might See
-Borderlands 3 (rumors, various tweets from key figures on this one) might be Borderlands 2 VR though since that launches in December.
-Dragon Age, New Entry
-Crackdown 3 (unlikely as X018 was recent, but would be the Xbox game to showcase due to its release date)
-Days Gone (close to launch like with Crackdown 3, trailer at least perhaps)
-Alien: Blackout (legal documents reveal this titling)
-Elder Scrolls Blades (was delayed to early 2019 so could be shown)
-DOOM Eternal (DOOM has been shown in the past prominently)
-Death Stranding (close connection to the show)
-Something Fortnite Related (special mode was revealed at last year's show)
-Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer or presentation
-Moments of Hardcore Cringe (I recall last year being solid so middle on this)
-Gears of War titles (Tactics, POP!, 5)

Won't See
-Rocksteady's new game.
-Harry Potter RPG (very unlikely to see this, if it's coming it would be E3 revealed)
-Halo Infinite
-Playground's RPG (rumored Fable)
-Next Gen Console Reveals

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner