The Jackbox Party Pack 7 Review

"The Best Jackbox Pack"


October 17, 2020 at 11:09pm
By Jason Stettner

I’m actually shocked that we’re already on the seventh entry in this series, it’s been a long time. With that, I’ve covered each of the releases and this is by far the best all around experience they’ve ever provided. It’s seriously impressive as not a single one of these games is a dud, whereas other packs typically have a couple meh games to them.

If you’re somehow not familiar with this franchise you get five distinct games to play. These are enjoyed through an online site you go to on any sort of mobile device or browser based option. You’re coming up with funny prompts whether that’s in a written or drawn format. You play with others, the more the merrier usually.

It’s best at late night drinking parties or even fun family events. It has the magic of being as adult as you’d like it to be as you can adjust filters to make it more family friendly if needed. It’s always a fun time, and something that has really ingrained itself with at least my age demographic. With that, here’s a breakdown for each of the five games available.

Quiplash 3

This is a wacky game meant for three to eight players. It’s a head to head battle of wits where you try to find funny responses to strange prompts. Once you’ve selected them, others will vote and you’re up to the will of the party that you’re trying to make laugh. This one might be very familiar to most, since it is on its third iteration here. Basically just more, with some adjustments to latter rounds for a fresh experience.
The Jackbox Party Pack 7 games

The Devils and the Details

This is probably the first cooperative Jackbox game that I’ve enjoyed, and even found rather thrilling. With three to eight players you’ll be working together within a house of demons. You’re trying to blend in with humans.

To do this you need to keep the house in check by finishing common tasks anyone might have. This includes things like preparing food, cleaning areas up or even breaking things. The latter is a mix-up because that’s a selfish task which might gain you as an individual more points.

There’s a threshold that the group together needs to hit each day, but you could do something selfish for more points though with that others may stop you. The tasks really do require players to work together, at least some of them do of course. It’s neat, as you’ll be tapping to complete tasks or telling others what you need to finish a task. It’s definitely an enticing offering with many tasks to complete.

Champ’d Up

This is the drawing offering of the package. Here you’re creating contenders to battle it out. This is for three to eight players as per the usual here. In this one you’ll draw your contender based on a particular prompt. That image is then shown to another, they need to make something to counteract just that image.

After that, the two are combined with the titling and hilarity typically ensues. It’s quite simple, but does provide some weird situations, especially during the latter round swapping that can occur. Fun game, that’s for sure.

Talking Points

This is all about creating speeches. It’s for three to eight players. What will happen is that you’ll be given a general topic that you will have added input on and an assistant. You’ll then be fed a few photos and you’ll need to come up with a speech through actual voice or using in-game text to entertain the audience.

They’ll be giving thumbs up or down constantly throughout which will determine some of your scoring here. It’s definitely a neat concept, and one that will take talent to pull off in the right way. Still, generally provided some good laughs and a fun time as the match-ups can be bizarre here.

Blather Round

This is a surprisingly solid option in the pack that I feel might get overlooked. This is for two to six players. It’s a simple game of choosing from three prompts and then trying to explain it to others. You get pre-made sentences where you can add up to two words in one spot, and then up to two in another.

You continue to do this with some variations in how you describe things while the other players try to guess what you’re talking about. Whether that’s a real person, fictional character or even a place or thing. It’s very interesting, and generally well done. Now, I did experience some crashing in this one on Xbox which was odd. A quick fix I imagine, generally disappointing though as the rest of the pack runs perfectly fine.

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The Conclusion

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 is the best and most well rounded release they’ve ever done, each of the games is worthy of your time. They all provide entertainment in their own way, being highly polished and enjoyable offerings. I was met with good times and laughs in each of the games present, which was definitely surprising as there are typically a couple duds. They put together a strong offering here, with each game being wildly different from one another. They finally found a way to make a cooperative game work here which is impressive in its own way.

Past that, I found each of the games to have their own fun quirk. They have a creative new drawing option, another Quiplash for fans of that title and two other rather funny options. It’s an excellent package that should provide good times and something for everyone out there. It’s a good rotation option so you don’t have to switch up Jackbox Games if one of the options isn’t quite right for the situation. It’s got grand choices for local, online and of course various events types of play. Definitely was surprised here, they basically hit the mark in every way I had expected.

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The Jackbox Party Pack 7 Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner