Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Earn Fast Rupees

When playing Breath of the Wild it can be hard to earn rupees which is the local currency of Hyrule and I've found a system that allows you to quickly gain rupees.

This is very easy to do, you simply need some rupees (I'd say 100) and head over to Lurelin Village which is in the Southeast corner of the world. I've also included a map (click for zoom-in), but mostly just go to the observatory and head south over the mountains, you'll find it touching the edge of the ocean.

This starting position should be well known as it's one of the first quest spots that you visit. Within this town is a gambling place with a chance to win easy money and that's where we make it big. You can find this small gambling hut in the top east corner of the village, it stands out with three rupees at the top of the building.
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Lurelin Village map for easy rupees
Once inside you'll note that there are three chests available and an old man that wants you to gamble, well we're going to take all his unlimited riches. Once beside the old man and before chatting, create a save point. Once that's done, quickly move through his boring rows of text chat and gamble the maximum (100 rupees) or whatever you happen to have on you.

This will create a mix-up and you'll head over to select a chest. Ideally you'd like to hit the jackpot of 300 rupees though it won't happen every time. If you do win, end the discussion with the old man and create a new save point, then continue. If you ever lose or don't get the amount you'd like, simply exit the discussion like before, but revert the last save.

This allows you to keep whatever earnings you had and then continue on gambling away for big rupee bills. I spent about 20 minutes doing this earning a few thousand easy rupees to help buy things. I found this to be a way to earn rupees fast while also having easy unlimited earning options. I've also included a video below that will simply display the method if you need a visual aid.

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