The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Side Things to Do

June 24, 2019 at 3:38am
By Jason Stettner

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is certainly being loved by many and there are a number of factors involved with that. One of them has to be the crazy amount of smaller details that are included within the lovely world. There are just a ton of activities to take part in so I wanted to collect some of the side things to do or funny little aspects in Breath of the Wild.

-Link makes a hilarious happy expression whenever he cooks something. Zoom into his face to enjoy this long and very expressive animation.

-Link also knows when cooking that things always don't go right. There's a separate hilarious animation of him looking all teeth clenched and then perplexed and finally disgusted almost when seeing a food he doesn't like.

-Selfies in various conditions will have Link change facial expressions like teeth chattering in the cold.

-Link will nod along with Cuccos in perfect rhythm.
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Side Things to Do
-The characters in the game hate it when you stand on things such as tables and will yell at you.

-If you stay naked everyone in the game will wonder what's wrong with Link and call him a creep. Applies to missing any clothing elements, I didn't have a shirt and everyone did this.

-There's a possible Iwata Tribute NPC that helps players, gives cheap arrows and guidance. "Click here to read more about it"

-A NPC named Brigo, if catching you on the ledge of a bridge will talk you down and discuss how suicide is never the way.

-Some of the Amiibos summon metal boxes, you can do this on top of enemies. I have yet to try against bosses though I imagine similar results.

-You can dye things and some clothing will change pattern design when you do so.

-Certain items can be hit by lightning during storms, you can turn the items off to avoid this or throw it at enemies to shock them which is hilarious.

-There are goods under some of the dead Guardians, tip it to grab them and if they're dead in the water you can use ice to do so.

-There's a place to visit in the Akkala lands which is a spiral on the ground, it's inspired by Utah's Spiral Jetty which is a man made object.

-Dogs are tamable and it's very easy to connect with them. Walk up to a dog, crouch and then look lovingly into its eyes. This will tame it, feed the dog three pieces of meat or fruit and it'll find Link treasure as well!
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link Cucco

-You can boil eggs in hot springs, guess that's fun and delicious!

-A Pot lid can be used to kill a Guardian by deflecting its blast, fun.

-You can ride Guardians by climbing on top of it, they lock onto to Link so by changing directions that's where the Guardian will head.

-There are other more traditional things to ride as well aside from your horse. Link can ride Bears, Deers, Moose, Ostriches, Wacky Sand Seals, Shark People, Bird People and the mythical ethereal Lord of the Mountain if you can find it.

-To build on the theme of mounts, Link can also ride enemy skeletal undead horses, taking these to any of the stables and trying to board them will terrify the locals. They sadly won't allow Link to board it...

-While in combat many of the special dungeon bosses can have their attacks blocked via Ice depending on the situation.

Cucco, the chicken/rooster type birds can be used to glide/fly places if you jump off a cliff while holding them.

-Holding a ice sword in the desert can cool Link off.

-If you feed an Octorock a rusty sword, it'll spit out a fresh and mostly better sword for you.

-Koroks are hiding under rocks everywhere, seriously. Just pick up rocks anywhere and you're likely to find them. They grant special seeds to buy upgrades.

-Explore Hyrule Castle, it's actually massive in scale with many places to check out if you've already tackled its main boss that highlights a tiny room at the heart of this structure.

-You'll probably collect a bunch of supplies and crap while traveling, but luckily you can buy a house in Hateno Village. Go to Firly Pond and talk to Bolson to start a side quest. You'll need 3000 rupees and 30 bundles of wood to be a proud home owner Link.

-There's a guy named Kilton that sells monster masks. These masks can be used to sneak into enemy camps without notice and it's funny. Kilton can be found in Akkala at the Northeastern part of the map in a skull shaped lake and he's only available at night as well. After first meeting him, Kilton can be found in the following locations at night; Kakariko Village Hateno Village, Tarrey Town (Lake Akkala if it hasn't been built yet), Zora's Domain, Rito Village, Lurelin Village and Gerudo Town. Be wary as he has a unique currency earned by the slaying of monsters. I'll also add that Lynels will not be tricked by the masks very long and will catch on quickly.

-Rolling a small snowball down a hill can have it turn into a big one if there's snow to collect.

-You can skip time by using campfires found in towns, this can also be emulated in the outdoors by building a fire and standing by it.

-Fishing can be done in a fun way, by either lifting fish by Cryonis or bombing them with any of the explosives you have.

-You can Stasis objects, stand on them and then by launch into the air by it. This can help with skipping challenges; puzzles, shrines and any task in the world. It's also great as a launcher for your glider.

-Cutting taller grass can reveal all sorts of critters for capture including fairies, various insects or lizards.

-Magnesis can be used to power rafts instead of using the mystical Korok leaves.

-The first four shrine ancients will hold they hands in the shape of a Tri-Force.

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