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"A Spirit"


The Mooseman is the character you play as while exploring this spiritual narrative driven adventure. It's a journey of sorts with striking visuals and intense cinematic moments. The distinct art style really leans into this as it's mostly a walking simulator with minor puzzles and interesting side moments that arise. It isn't a particularly long tale as I managed to play it all in just over an hour of time while collecting all of the hidden artifacts.

This one really is an interesting adventure in terms of being something that accounts for a tale of myth and does so in a good way. I wish there was more to the experience, but it was a pleasurable short time. There's a lot of dynamic play involved whether you're solving puzzles or going on mystical side moments. There times of flight, being a hunter or generally being a remarkable insight into another world.


The Mooseman is able to see into another realm of existence as you travel deep below and then far away. This is backed by charming folk Komi music that really carries the mood and the game's gorgeous art style. I really loved the look of the game as it was almost painted and it looked really cool.

Everything was minimalistic in design and that worked well for it. It's easy to control as you move around, but I did find some puzzles a bit awkward to activate properly. The boss creatures were very simplistic, but I suppose that leans into this being an experience as opposed to something challenging.
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The Conclusion

The Mooseman is mostly a walking simulator, but it does contain an interesting story with beautifully charming music. The narrative is fine, at times I wasn't sure what was going on though that was part of the style here. The artwork is great, it handles decently and it was easy to enjoy as a quick experience. I would have perhaps liked to see more out of it considering how fast it was, but it was a memorable short time.

This is probably meant for a very particular audience that wants something straight forward, and it works in that regard. Those wanting something lengthy, you won't find that here. Again, it doesn't take long to unlock The Mooseman achievements for grabbing the artifacts and working through the short story.

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The Mooseman Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 6.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner