The Mystery of Playstation 5 is Really Exciting

December 29, 2019 at 5:59pm
By Jason Stettner

While we’ve been given the initial details on the Xbox Series X, the Playstation 5 has remained largely a mystery. We have received little bits of information as to what to expect, but we don’t really have a full picture at this point.

That’s actually really exciting, a sense of mystery that will be revealed in the near future leads to endless speculation towards then. It’s somewhat fun to me, as I like to wonder just what sort of power or setup the PS5 console will bring. It’s harder and harder to keep things a surprise in the modern era, with so many leaks.

That being said, Sony could have some neat hidden tricks or game surprises to bring alongside their next generation console. Stack that with a sort of back and forth element to announcements regarding new consoles, it’s really quite cool to see unfold over time.
Death Stranding PS5
It also creates a sense of suspense, looking onwards as the full reveal will likely be sooner than later. There’s a set period of time for which it’ll happen, and it’s just a matter of when. On top of that, what this reveal will include and what sort of things might even be shown closer to that release.

Will they go all out with shocking new experiences, or perhaps hold back a bit to let the very successful Playstation 4 grow a bit until then? It’s hard to tell, and covered in a mysterious shadow. Going back to the speculation and leaks, which may or may not be true. That’s really what it’s like to be anticipating, or well looking forward to what could happen.

Many people trying to grasp at what might be, and it builds a little bit of hype. That’s a little less present on the Xbox side as some core details are there. We already know what’s going on with that to a degree, and Microsoft’s presentation truly was a surprise for when that console reveal happened. That then leads to the situation around the Playstation 5, maybe Sony will pull a reveal event out of nowhere. That would be fun to see.
God of War PS5
Will the specs match, will they be different? What sort of changes to the experience are there going to be? There are so many questions, and that sense of mystery is again quite fun to think of. It lets people have wild dreams about what might happen, but could also build high expectations which might not be something anything could live up to.

Whatever the case, it’s truly a fun time heading towards a next generation of gaming. A reset of sorts, where things could go any direction. I feel that this gen will be less of a change with backwards compatibility being more common, and certain elements being carried forward. It’s still a soft reset point for all of those involved and it seems like we’re getting another head to head competition come fall 2020.

Until then, I can’t wait to see what the Playstation 5 is bringing to the industry, I hope they have neat surprises and of course games to deliver. I hope some more teases come soon, but also a full showcase would be neat as well. I imagine we’ll see something come E3, or perhaps also a reveal situation in the spring like with the current generation. That aside, you can read our review of Death Stranding below or the general platform hub for additional coverage.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner