The Playstation 5 Reveal Will Have High Expectations Attached

June 11, 2020 at 3:15am
By Jason Stettner

With the Playstation5 reveal almost being upon us, there are certainly high expectations attached to the showcase. Since the Xbox Series X has had information trickling out for awhile, and with Sony’s quieter approach these two factors have been building a lot of hype around the initial presentation.

There’s a good chance for them to really come out strong after the initial games reveal for the Xbox Series X wasn’t the best of ways to kick off the next generation visuals. That being said, the PS5 feed will only be 1080p 30fps which sort of hurts the presentation of what these games can truly provide. The targets are supposed to be 4k, and hopefully 60fps of which a slower feed can’t do justice to.

Good news is that the trailers will very likely be available at a higher resolution and frame rate shortly after they’re revealed. It’ll be very interesting to see if the Playstation 5 will gain a strong initial hold with whatever special announcements might be tied to the platform. They typically have a strong single player first party line-up, with many teases from the future that could be shown.
PS5 Console Reveal
There’s also usually a fairly good backing from third party partnerships. Many games have been teased, or rumored. Sequels galore, or special remasters and remakes. We only really know of Godfall, or Quantum Error at this point. It would be great to see some original new titles too since those are always a fun surprise.

With that, it’s time to get more back on the topic here. There are high expectations whether some might consider it just to be something to go in fresh about. I know a number of gamers have been hungry for any details on this console.

That’s especially the case when you know what the Xbox Series X is providing in terms of design and specifications. You know about the backwards compatibility there, and even some of the smaller titles they have shown thus far. Xbox is also going to showcase their first party line-up down the road, and you never know what might be hidden there. PS5 Game Reveals Ghost of Tsushima
It also gives Microsoft time to adjust based on what’s first shown from the PS5. When it comes to the Playstation 5 being shown thus far it was a sort of really tech oriented showcase that didn’t quite give a great idea as to what makes this architecture special. I’m hoping that what we get blows us away, but at the same time I’m trying to keep expectations in check.

That’s a hard thing to do while seeing so many trending aspects about this event, and there’s likely a high level of pressure to really deliver on it. This is basically the first true showcase of what they’re bringing to a console that will leave the Playstation 4 largely behind for true next generation experiences from what’s been stated thus far.

What sort of games will be tied to the platform, what sort of ecosystem or design aspects will be shown? If too little information is given or if not enough games are provided it’ll likely cause a lot of issues, and if things don’t go well online discussion can sway quickly. It could also just be generally alright, with a promise of more to come down the road.
PS5 Game Reveal Death Stranding
It’s not known, and surprisingly kept under wraps since things so commonly leak. With that, it’s even further fueled anticipation prior at the idea that things might be a surprise despite a small leak here or there that’s happened thus far.

There’s a lot to live up to when it comes to the reveal, especially considering the history of the predecessor which did so well and still has two mighty releases yet to come for it at the time of writing. That of course being The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima. Whatever the case, I’m genuinely curious to see what will happen.

Whether we get a full showcase at the first spot, or if it’s something that continues to build in smaller extra events later on down the road. The hype is there, the anticipation has been growing and the expectations for a big showcase are now here. Read our details about certain DualSense advancements below, or the general hub for the console platform as well.

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