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"Machine Testing"


You awaken after some time in cryosleep from the local planetary AI, it would appear that your crew has vanished. In this emergency situation you've been sent down to the planet in order to handle the situation. This quickly turns from a rescue into a search for answers that leads towards something much worse.

After some movement you're greeted with a series of puzzles that test a number of intelligent and comprehensive aspects. Puzzles considered to be a Turning Test in that a machine could not solve them which is why you have been brought in to solve them and discover what happened to the crew.

This leads you through a selection of puzzles interlaced with bits of story. This plays out over seven chapters that each include ten sectors to explore. Each chapter introduces a number of new mechanics that continuously build on the experience.

While there's a good set of puzzles and variation within them I did feel as though it got a bit simplistic towards the ending. This mainly included over thinking of solutions when in fact it was straight forward and quick to solve them. Be sure to also keep an eye open as there are some secret puzzles available that can greatly develop aspects of the story.


Playing in the first person you mostly move about manipulating these pulsing orbs that each carry a unique trait. These orbs control doors, platforms and other objects found within the testing chambers.

It does also open up a bit with some unique controlling aspects later on in the game, but I'll only mention it here as some aspects of later gameplay mechanics directly influence the narrative. I never had any real issues with any of the puzzles as they mostly follow direct logic though I'm sure might be more difficult for some.

It's also mostly a walking title in opposition to Portal which has more physics movement involved, whereas one keeps you firmly planted. The game also follows a very strict pattern of story, puzzle and then more story keeping things relatively progressing in a simple manner.

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The Conclusion

The Turing Test does exactly what the title states, it provides you with many hours of logically challenging puzzles as you discover the tense secrets found within the facility.

It was also rather chilling at certain points with a story that gives you just enough details to push you forward through another puzzle. It was also intriguing when working through the various points brought up by the AI along with the struggle of humanity and their moral passions.

It was definitely a solid story with good length bringing in about six hours of gameplay without having any guides to assist. I was however hoping for a bit more from the ending, but it was left in a decent place that will sum up most questions.

The Turing Test Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner