Titanfall 2 Xbox One X Enhanced Preview

Titanfall 2 was a surprising part of my pre-launch Xbox One X game list, I wasn't sure it would be available and was happy when it was present. I initially skipped the game as it didn't support EA Access and I was busy at its launch, it just sort of got released at a packed time in 2016. That aside, I was really impressed with the Titanfall 2 Xbox One X Enhancement. It's also a really interesting game in how it handles the performance. The game is always running at a 4K output for 3840x2160 at 60fps and HDR though there are dynamic elements at play as well.

The resolution adjusts based on the load to the GPU and that's furthered by the options from the PC where dynamic Supersampling is present for when the Xbox One X isn't pushed to its max at native 4k. This basically means that the resolution can get even better and make 4k look even better. It's the same sort of thing that Xbox One X does for 1080p screens while running 4k. There are other smaller details that have been improved, but this core aspect of technology that truly aims to push the GPU utilization is fascinating. The game looks great providing some vibrant battle scenes, epic Titan battles and a colorful set of worlds to explore.

Titanfall 2 Xbox One X Enhanced Screenshot
When checking out the game I really dove into the multiplayer, I worked on the campaign a bit more to look at that though I was really connecting with the online. I loved the first Titanfall, just packed hours into that game and this second entry perfectly evolves on that. It took me a bit to get back into it, but it's all so smooth and natural as you parkour between pieces of wall. I was very happy with this visit and it'll now be a game to jump into when I have spare time. It'll take me longer to get into the smaller details of the multiplayer since there's so much depth there, but I was sufficient at eliminating pilots. There's just something special about dropping Titans and getting to do that again reminded me of how awesome the game is.

If you haven't played the game before, now is a great time as the 4k shines here. It's also an EA Access vault title if you have that subscription. I didn't really notice the HDR as much in this one, there was some nice light to the outlines of some larger backdrops though I generally wasn't as amazed by it here. It could very well be implemented in an interesting way, but I honestly didn't see the effect to the degree I did on some of the other Xbox One X enhanced games. Take a chance on Titanfall 2, it deserved better timing as it's a great game and these improvements make it that much better of an experience.

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