Titanfall Review

"Bold Evolution"


From the exact moment of which you first drop a Titan and watch it hurl down towards the Earth you only watch in awe as you feel that Titanfall is just something special. It may be the giant mechs that are running around stepping on creatures on battling each other, or it could very well be the excitement of parkouring around as a pilot feeling the quick rush of the game. This title is exactly the innovation that the shooter genre has needed for years and honestly how could no one else think of doing something like this before. It takes the basis of a shooter you are very familiar with and enhances it with speed, an adrenaline feel and of course titans to run around in.

It's not like it has completely changed in any previous formulas, but it has evolved many aspects that have become worn out over the years, presenting us with a new series that will surely last for many years. It's actually quite hard to come up with aspects that Titanfall does poorly, presenting a fairly large number of maps that can be played in a pure Multiplayer of their Hybrid Campaign areas. These are both basically the exact same aside from the campaign featuring some interesting cutscenes and other sideshows going on while everyone battles in a number of objectives.

After running through each campaign a number of times you begin to appreciate the story a tad more, though it could have been put a little more front and center so easier notice is taken to it. The story seriously is interesting though these characters are very poorly developed, but expected as no one has ever done a hybrid campaign like this before and after this it won't be the last. There are two sides to it as well which meet and intersect every match as there are two live teams combating for their better story. The multiplayer component itself brings all the campaign levels plus many, many more with a number of game modes on them.

Personally my favorite current modes are Hardpoint and Last Titan Standing. The first is an evolved Domination style and Last Titan Standing feels like Search and Destroy in respects to having only one life while starting in a Titan. There are of course other modes like your basic deathmatches called Attrition or Pilot Hunter respectively. There's also Capture the Flag which seems to be rather difficult to capture anything with Titans being allowed to carry the flag holder. From the game modes you have individuals of which everyone has personally customized to the extent of gender; weapons, abilities, Titan's weapons, abilities and extras.

These all are unlocked through leveling to really help add variety, along with a random factor in every single battle. On top of the classes there are also burn cards which give a life an extra benefit like radar, double XP or even unlimited of something and really switch up the match, will note that you get three slots to choose cards for each match. Anyways I've had a blast in each of the modes and have just been ramping up my levels working towards all those prestiges (or next generations as they're called).
Titanfall Titan


What really amazes me about Titanfall aside from the adrenaline feel is the very fast paced gameplay that just keeps you going into every single fight. Death itself only pushes you to spawn faster or stronger with a Titan as you try to get back that person and their team. This speed, mixed with very intuitive parkour throughout the worlds keep the action going and spreads out where everyone is at various moments. Even while everything is going on you can take some time to take a little bit of a glance to world around you which is full of smaller areas to explore or even have massive environments of happenings going on in the backdrop of each map.

The scale is just absolutely crazy and the useless AI that are honestly just there to make you feel better about every game just adds to it. There are not many games that have this massive amount of action going while everyone battles on the field. I'll have to add a little bit about the Titans, they are smart creatures that can be driven by their pilot or even sent off to do a number of things from guarding objectives to protecting you or going to a follow stance. They are well equipped to fight one another and even kill pilots by themselves, but are only at a max once piloted.
Titanfall Titan freefall

The Conclusion

Titanfall is just amazing, everyone will be playing it until the sequel arrives and rightfully so. There is just something about the gameplay and cooperative environment that just keeps you going well past when you should have logged off for the night. There may be some nit picking, but this title is damn near perfect, its multiplayer is flawless along with addictive.

There are a ton of maps to play on with many modes to experience each battle with. The campaign itself is worth playing multiple times to get a true story going as it is split between two sides and wins impact this. You will feel sympathy for your Titan and love every moment riding, having him guard or attach for you. This is a definite shooter that will change the balance of how that genre is refined.

Titanfall Review on Xbox One

Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner