Otakon 2017 Interview

Interview with Tony Oliver, read or watch below.

To starts things off, how did you get into Voice Acting?

Tony: Mostly because I hated the idea of getting evicted from my apartment. I always wanted to be an actor, I stumbled onto an audition for someone that sounded younger than they seemed. I auditioned, they asked if I had experience and I said yes. I don't recommend doing that since they can find out easily now. I got this little part in doing background work and they took me into a feature for The Fire Child. That ended up on television and then I took off from there. Voice work found be as opposed to me looking for it. At the time I thought it was funny voices, but that wasn't the case.

One of the movies that got me into Anime again was Akira and you were in it?

Tony: The second dub I did a bunch of people that all died horrible deaths. You can hear my voice interrogating someone or laughing before I fall off a motorcycle. That's what I did on that, it was fun.

You're doing Lupin III, how would you compare that to doing the bit voices?

Tony: Well as an actor when I'm playing a small part I don't have to worry about as much. Even as a comedy like Lupin there's a story there and relationships I have to keep track of. I can play deeper when keeping track of it in my head. Approaching the work is the same, I like that a single character is easier on the voice.

With work on games is it basically the same?

Tony: Well, the same idea and the only thing you have to worry about from an actor's perspective is where it's going. American cartoons which I'm directing two right now tend to be more about the words and action compared to the depth. You play the surface more, Anime you play the sub-service more. It's where in that range you focus that energy. When I'm doing a video game it depends on the game I'm doing. Fighting is simply, whereas something like Dynasty Warriors you to keep the voices and attitude in line.

What's on the horizon?

Tony: I'm directing four different shows and continuing to voice act. Lupin is now out, Hunter Hunter on Cartoon Network. I have two American shows next year, one is a major franchise and the other one is hopefully a major franchise. One is a pre-school school and the other is a girl's show meant to compete with Barbie.

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