Top 10 Games of 2017

It was a seriously stacked year for games with so many incredible releases arriving throughout the entirety of the calendar. Working from that, across the multiple platforms we compiled a list of the best featuring a wide selection of genres and titles for the games that we most enjoyed. These are definitely the best of what we played in terms of quality and even just generally the time we spent with them. Keep in mind that everyone's list is different and taking a look at others I feel this is less bizarre. Sure, other games should have probably made the list, but these are all games that we truly did enjoy playing. With that, here are our top 10 games of 2017.

#10: Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher was phenomenal, there were few games as addicting as this farming title. You take care of these lovely little slimes, there are tons of variants with so many ways to mix them. You can work towards better equipment for handling them and head out into the vast areas to collect more resources and creatures. This is backed by a very emotional little story and at one point I had a fair group of friends working through this game at once while sharing stories. It's a lovely game.

#9: Cuphead

Cuphead is just amazing, the 30's animated cartoon style is gorgeous and you can see the passion put into every single scene. The battles are creative, varied and are supported by an intense sound track that gets you right into the action. It can be difficult, but entirely fair as you work towards understanding the patterns. It's evenmore fun if you have a local friend to play with.

#8: Forza Motorsport 7

Forza continues to push the boundaries of gaming and this seventh core entry is beautiful. There's a massive selection of cars, tons of authentic tracks and the dynamic weather is simply stunning. It's just a bigger and better release from the franchise that tops the racing genre. This, matched with the enhancements for Xbox One X and as a Windows 10 PC title help it excel just that much more to reach a larger pool of players.

Cuphead Xbox One Screenshot

#7: Call of Duty: WWII

I had forgotten how great it was to have a party game where everyone can play together. This is the first Call of Duty release in a long time that has everyone's attention and is return to form with that excellent boots on the ground focus. There's a great campaign through the theater of the European tour, a competitive multiplayer with the exciting objective based War mode and a really accessible zombies level.

#6: Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

An expansive and intense narrative focused game you aim to eliminate Orcs, battle the armies of Mordor or convert them with the powerful ring. Build a crew, fortify your defenses and work on expanding your influence across the various landscapes. The Nemesis system is back and better than ever featuring the widest selection of Orcs one could imagine. The gameplay is exciting, there are so many options for tackling situations and it's exciting the entire way.

#5: Tales of Berseria

Despite being available in Japan during 2016, I include this one in my lists as it didn't arrive anywhere else until this year. This is a remarkable game featuring countless hours of gameplay, intense combat and a wealth of characters. I was shocked at how well the game balanced a large cast while providing a series of worlds. It was a wonderful game and one that certainly surprised me.

Assassin's Creed: Origins Steps Screenshot

#4: Assassin's Creed: Origins

Assassin's Creed returned and did so in a big way presenting a gorgeous and well developed world. The expansive world of Ancient Egypt was brought to life beautifully bringing sunny sands, creepy pyramids and countless hours of exploration. The campaign was a fascinating look at the historic elements of the era while diving into the very start of the Creed brotherhood.

#3: Nier: Automata

A dark look at the future these androids attempt to deal with the many threats within a destroyed world. The story is filled with some desolate themes, multiple outcomes and intense combat. The narrative is thrilling and the combat matches that with some well designed action.

#2: Persona 5

Battle dark forces by night, live a regular high school life during the day. It's an interesting game of dynamic regular events and exciting combat. This provides something completely unique and entirely different while packing countless hours of gameplay. There's a lot of depth that one might not expect by just glancing and the balance between living a simple life against the terrors of the night is wonderful.

#1: Horizon Zero Dawn

From the moment I started playing the game I knew it was something special. Aloy's journey is an intense one filled with great mystery that constantly intrigues you to continue adventuring along. The world is lively, filled with small details and so much depth. The RPG elements are expansive, there are many areas to explore and tons of mechanical animals to deal with along the way. It's a beautiful game with a charming world and a true stand out in the year.

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