Top 10 Games of the Decade 2010's

January 4, 2020 at 8:27pm
By Jason Stettner

The decade is wrapped up, the 2010’s are already behind us. There have been an absolute surge of games releasing throughout that period of time, so here are the best Games of the decade. This is a ranked ordering for the list, based on how time has treated them as many are still quality titles to today.

This is largely designed to showcase titles of the genre that have left a lasting impression, or had some sort of special element that helped grow the particular niche that it belonged to. This might vary based on opinion, but these are all mighty titles that helped define how gaming has changed over the decade.

#10: God of War

One of the later games this generation I felt this had to be included. Not only was this a fresh rebirth for the franchise, the themes it went over were deep. The father son relationship in this somewhat hits home so it was a bit more impactful for me. The game was also rather incredible, can’t forget that either. It also sets the ground work for what could be an expansive step forward.

#9: Life is Strange

I absolutely love this series, these characters are incredible and the story is just so fascinating to go through. The sense of mystery, the setting and the danger are great here. The choices feel like they matter, what happens gets dark and it’s told perfectly with lovely music carrying us through. This episodic style worked here in a smooth, and gorgeous way. From the art, to the themes, this was a great season.
Life is Strange Game of the Decade

#8: Mass Effect 2

Despite being early on, Mass Effect 2 left a lasting impression through its narrative and the crew you build along the way. This was a very well done RPG experience that felt epic, yet at the same time intimate as you connected with people along the way. It took what the first game provided and massively built upon that in so many refreshing ways.

#7: Grand Theft Auto V

While this may not necessarily be my favorite type of game, I cannot deny the impact this has had on the industry. It’s wildly successful, absolutely massive in scale and absolutely set the pace for the generation. It continues to be played, updated and purchased right to the end of the decade. It’s insane how popular this game has been, and the quality of an open world it has provided.
Overwatch Game of the Decade

#6: Overwatch

Really kicking off the hero shooter craze, Overwatch nailed the team based elements of a shooter. It’s continued to get updates, and has become a staple in the culture of gaming. From the building eSports, to the crowds of those that cosplay or interact with this stable of heroes. It’s much more than just a game to many, and it’s also a ton of fun to play. It’s really become just a part of culture, it’ll be interesting to see how this one fairs down the road.

#5: Fortnite

This has been a very important game for the industry. From the innovations of pushing cross-play and multi-platform development, to the way it has continued to change since releasing. There are of course two modes to this, but the battle royale aspect has become an insanely massive thing. It’s really expanded beyond the culture of just gaming, and I think it’s a good thing for the industry to a degree. The technology aspect here really is important as move forward towards another decade where it hopefully becomes more commonplace.

#4: Red Dead Redemption

There was always going to be a Red Dead Redemption on this list, I picked the first one. I feel the legacy of the series has been grand due to this entry and they nailed all aspects of the experience. From the single player, to the expansive multiplayer and also the DLC that came after. This was the perfect western game, but with Rockstar’s unique style. The story was also rather great, I’m sure many recall the ending of it.

#3: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

You can play this game almost anywhere, the modding scene exploded on PC and consoles with the latter still being a rarity. It’s been released, remastered and still people cannot get enough of this epic experience. I feel like I can’t go an E3 without hearing about this title in some way. It’s been in the culture of gaming, outside of it and this is a title that I still see people constantly playing. It’s freedom, choice and RPG action at its finest.
Minecraft Game of the Decade

#2: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This is an absolutely incredible benchmark for gaming. The side quests you can venture on our larger than other games, the DLC packs are bigger than other games. This is one massive and impressive game that brought gorgeous visuals behind characters you care about. It was epic, yet intimate and I felt like I mattered in this world.

I could just get lost in, sitting there and taking in the beautiful scenery. This is a game I’ll never forget and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it mentioned for decades to come. Remarkable. A final note, the extra support this game received development wise was also greatly appreciated and only further made this something to never forget.

#1: Minecraft

Minecraft fully released this decade, and it has continued to be a staple of gaming. I’ve played countless hours of this, and I know so many others that have as well. A person of any age could appreciate the beauty, and simplicity that this game of endless possibility provides. It’s a game of many games, and one that I don’t think I’ll ever stop playing.

It has continued to evolve, and even grow throughout the decade. There are so many things to do, from survival to creative and even online ventures. Play with random others, explore with friends or just feel the joy of building whatever you want. They’ve done wonders with pushing it forward, and I think it’s just getting started.

Those are the Top 10 Games of the 2010’s featuring a wide range of titles, perhaps some surprises as well. Hopefully a good variety, with some unexpected placements throughout this listing. Check out another selection of ten games below, or our awards hub to see what took home the top prizes from the site for this past year.

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