Top 10 Minecraft Aquatic Seeds Bedrock

Minecraft Aquatic Seeds Bedrock is going to be released and I decided it was best to compile a Top 10 Seeds video showing off the greatest current seeds available which you can find written or in video format below.

In here I have included everything from Diamond rich locations to those that are islands and ones with Mob Spawners or awesome coral reefs. The latest update also really pushed expansive unlimited worlds with water biomes and shipwrecks aplenty. So here we go with the best of seeds that are handpicked for whatever spawn scenario you could ever want.

Minecraft Aquatic Seeds
Top 10 Seeds
#10 - -1618472320, (ultimate achievement quick unlock map)
#9 - 1526565007 (triple village fused to Mesa Mineshaft)
#8 - 2025521382 (shipwreck on land)
#7 - FlatEarth (ravine at spawn jungle)
#6 - PickMeASauce (desert temple, village ravine and above ground lava near each other)
#5 - -200889213 (double village, multiple black smiths, stronghold under desert village well)
#4 - FatCat (spawn in lake, right or left Tiaga biome with podzol, close village)
#3 - ZooVsYet (exposed Stronghold with Shipwreck attached)
#2 - 2104241268 (chain of survival islands, coral reef, shipwrecks)
#1 - -1231215285 (huge coral biome at spawn)
#Bonus - -926620447 (ice island, Mooshroom area and ice spikes, plus village)

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