Top 10 Skyrim: Special Edition Mods Week 1

In no real particular order as we're not ranking mods already here are the top 10 mods for week 1 after release of Skyrim: Special Edition mods. It's great to see consoles finally getting some high quality mods. These are the top 10 Skyrim: Special Edition PC Mods for the week.

#10: Point the Way

Download Here

Skyrim is a massive world to explore and it can be tedious having to look at a map to see where you're headed. It also takes away from the immersion and point the way aims to fix that by adding a pile of new signs into the world in order to give solid directions on where to go.

Skyrim: Special Edition Point the Way Mod

#9: Enhanced Distant Terrain

Download Here

This mod aims to keep performance while also improving the distant terrain which in turn helps with the immersion of the world. It tweaks textures in order to give you a denser background for whatever adventure you're on.

Skyrim: Special Edition Enhanced Distant Terrain Mod

#8: Open City Skyrim

Download Here

Skyrim feels closed off at times barred behind loading screens, the Open City Skyrim projects aims to open up the experience and improve on many of the finer details to make the world feel more alive.

Skyrim: Special Edition Open City Skyrim Mod

#7: Alternate Start - Live Another Life

Download Here

The vanilla start of Skyrim is grand, but also quite long making it not great for those starting a second run or just wanting to get into the action. It's got full custom narrative and is a completely unique start to the game.

Skyrim: Special Edition Alternate Start - Live Another Life Mod

#6: Storefront

Download Here

Congrats on getting married, time to help make your spouse useful by setting them up with a special shop that they can work from in order to sell physical goods. It also adds some realism as they don't just sit around all day and spend time at the shop before coming home.

Skyrim: Special Edition Storefront Mod

#5: 350 New Spells - Phenderix Magic Evolved

Download Here

Time to get absolutely magical with 350 new spells to unleash on the world of Skyrim. These special new spells are found naturally throughout or adventures hidden across the world to find and you'll never know what might show up.

Skyrim: Special Edition 350 New Spells - Phenderix Magic Evolved Mod

#4: Map Markers Complete

Download Here

A combination of mods brings a full map marking collection in order to make your map basically as complete as it can be. It's full of less important, yet interesting places such as tombs or distinct ruins and camps across the map.

Skyrim: Special Edition Map Markers Complete Mod

#3: Gildergreen Regrown

Download Here

Time to regrow that tree and turn the simple sampling into a full grown tree with this mod. Whiterun will now have an extra special piece of greenery over the course of six months in the game.

Skyrim: Special Edition Gildergreen Regrown Mod

#2: Campfire

Download Here

Get the full camp fire experience, in Skyrim! That's right, get ready to camp it up with unique skill traits and all the essential parts to getting a good old marshmallow roasting time.

Skyrim: Special Edition Campfire Mod

#1: Invasion of Skyrim - Grand Admiral Thrawn 3.0

Download Here

The Invasion of Skyrim is a massive expansion bringing fresh quests, a brand new enemy with Admiral Thrawn. The size of this pack is incredible featuring a vast story to work through, 100s of new NPCs to interact with and a solid pile of new followers with various options to them. This is an ultimate mod that's sure to pack on many hours of excitement.

Skyrim: Special Edition Invasion of Skyrim - Grand Admiral Thrawn 3.0 Mod

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