Top 10 Survival Games Xbox & Playstation 2020

June 2, 2020 at 7:59pm
By Jason Stettner

It can be hard to find games in certain genres, and here’s a selection which feature a particular niche. Here are the best survival games on Xbox and Playstation in 2020. The Nintendo Switch also has a number of these games available for it in a more limited capacity.

This listing will hopefully provide a wide range of options, and some variety. They’re all focused on trying to keep on going despite issues, but they all have different mechanics or well levels of detail to them.

Some are more based on scavenging, others dig deep into crafting and then some are just about exploration in a hostile world. There are many options and the listing below is presented in an alphabetical ordering as opposed to a specific ranking based on quality or other factors.

#10: The Long Dark

This is a survival game set in the cold North of Canada. It features two ways to play. The first is a campaign with a backdrop in dealing with the natural elements at play. The second is a straight up survival mode where you try to survive as long as possible.

You’ll need to scavenge, craft and deal with chilly temperatures in order to continue living. It’ll be a dangerous trek, so watch out as the environment might not be your only problem in this one.

#9: The Flame in the Flood

This is a smaller title, and one that I think many might have missed. This is a great game based on the concept of perpetually being pushed down rapids. Along the way you’ll try to wade over towards some small island areas.

On those you’ll loot for supplies while dealing with various problems. Once that is done, it’s right back to those rapids. It can be hardcore, and quite lovely with some charming aesthetics to it. It’s a neat art style, and certainly one to check out.

#8: Terraria

This is often described as a 2D version of Minecraft, and that’s not really fair as this is an entirely different thing. While on the main land you’ll try to gather resources in order to build some structures, and to get better tools. Once that’s done, or in progress you’ll be heading deep below to tackle various dungeon type areas that are present.

It’s dark down there in those depths, and you’ll need to be smart in order to survive the dangers that lie beneath the surface. You will be rewarded well if you do, as you try to make it another night. It’s basically dungeon crawling, but with a ton more open survival freedom.

#7: Stranded Deep

After a plane crash you’ll find yourself stranded on an island. From there you’ll need to craft tools and some shelter based creations. These will help you continue on as you then attempt to raft towards more islands for additional supplies. This one isn’t open ended however as the goal is to actually escape the area without perishing. It’s a hardcore task as the sun and water will be problems, it’ll take some skill and generally luck to live out another day.

Best Survival Games 2020

#6: State of Decay 2

This is a different sort of option for the list. This one is all about managing. You’ll need to keep a group alive, and to provide them with resources. You do this largely through scavenging and then based expanding. This is all in the forefront of a zombie apocalypse, and of course other regular people causing issues.

There are a few ways to play as you battle against various natural problems. You need to keep the group healthy, and find more supplies to combat growing issues. There’s also a full campaign here, and some extra choices for if you just want to survive too.

#5: Minecraft

I’m not sure you could even do this sort of list and not include Minecraft. This is the ultimate survival game, that also features modes such as adventure or creative if you’d like. This is all about trying to make it while being in an open regular block based world.

You’ll need to harvest resources from the environment, craft items and fend off various unfriendly mobs (creatures). There’s unlimited creativity within this, and it’s constantly updated with new things to experience. This includes new mobs, additional resources and fresh mechanics to play with. This is entirely open ended, but does offer some more confined options too.

#4: DayZ

This is an open world zombie survival game. It’s multiplayer only where the zombies aren’t necessarily your biggest problem. It might be the other real players out there that are trying to also survive the best they can. You’ll be looting for limited supplies, crafting a number of tools and dealing with hostile weather conditions.

It can be dangerous when you head out into the open as many things might be hunting you. It’ll take time to learn the various mechanics, and to understand all of the more intricate details at play here. On top of that, there are some modded server options for increased AI counts such as bears and straight up PVP setups too if that’s something you’re into. It doesn’t however necessarily fit into the themes at play here.

#3: Conan Exiles

This is a more simplified survival game with deep crafting elements and a focus on battling monsters. Other people might be hostile too, but the general goal is create structures and gather supplies in order to tackle more dangerous creatures. Based on the Conan universe this is also a much more visceral take on the genre, and fairly well done at that.

You’ll need to manage many key elements such as dealing with the weather, hunger and of course any dangers that can be found within the massive world out there. It’ll take some time, and generally patience to really get your setup going in this one.

DayZ survival farming

#2: Astroneer

Head into space for this gorgeous astronaut based experience. You can melt away basically every part of the planet you visit, doing this alone or with others. It features a regular survival option for hardcore challenges or a creative mode for a more casual time.

In general you’ll need to make various structures to support your living, all the while gathering resources that will assist you. Some are essential for life, whereas others will feed into more complex structures and systems to take advantage of.

#1: Ark: Survival Evolved

This was initially more dinosaur focused, but there are now many large scale creatures that can be found within this game. Play it alone, enjoy it with others in smaller matches or try to survive against others in the larger online game. You’ll work to eat, deal with the weather and to tame the various monsters all around you.

There’s a ton to explore within various distinct biomes that are littered with hostile foes to deal with. There are also some big bosses to take on if you’ve worked up enough of a force to battle against them. This can certainly be a lot of fun as you aim to craft various complex structures, and gather better tools over time.

That’s the general survival list, hopefully you found something new to try out. This was a wide range of Xbox survival games that will also be largely available on Playstation with a number being on Nintendo Switch as well. It hits some more niche options, while providing a good chunk of general ones that you shouldn’t miss out on. With that, check out our general game hubs area for further coverage or read our review of DayZ Livonia which was the big DLC expansion that released for the title.

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