Top 10 Xbox 360 Games That Should be Xbox One X Enhanced

The Xbox One X has brought some impressive upgrades to not only Xbox One games, but a number of Xbox 360 titles and here are some more of the Xbox Backwards Compatible library that should be enhanced. Each of the games were very big on the console and with the program being the only way to play them on current consoles, these are the highest of priority for enhancements. There should be a solid variety of games here from exclusives to some of the top third party. Here are the Top 10 Xbox 360 Games That Should be Xbox One X Enhanced without a ranked order.

#10: Dead Space

I suppose you could take any of the Dead Space titles and place them here, but with the original being the oldest it would benefit most from being updated. I'm sure many would like to see the second game as well, but this first one was just purely iconic for the horror genre at the time. I don't expect a remaster for these games so it would be nice to have something available to tune them up.

#9: Fable Anniversary (Did Become Enhanced)

While I'd love to see a proper remastered collection for the trilogy, this first anniversary update best displays what this series had going for it. It already plays well on the Xbox One, but with a quick boost this could be a very good looking game. It was one of the later releases on Xbox 360 so it definitely looked good for the time.

#8: Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout 3 is looking incredible with its enhancement, next up on that list for RPG fans will most certainly be New Vegas. It's similar to the third entry of the series since it released rather close, but it really does something unique. The large desert based setting was a lot of fun to explore and it felt very different from the other Fallout games.

Halo Reach Xbox One X

#7: Halo Reach

The great, yet somewhat entirely left out Halo release is the most deserving of the franchise for an upgrade. Literally every other Halo game has been remastered or released for Xbox One. This was a fantastic effort from Bungie being a sort of pinnacle for their work on the series. The expansive multiplayer, the massive Forge with Forge World and of course the rather dark campaign following Noble.

#6: Assassin's Creed: Rogue

Rogue was an odd entry in the Assassin's Creed series as it was stuck in the generation gap. It was a game left for the last generation while most had moved on and it hasn't for whatever reason been given a proper updated release yet. The game is very focused on the naval aspects everyone loved from Black Flag and it would be nice to see it look like a proper modern release. It's also a very good tie in to Unity story wise.

#5: Mass Effect 3

Another series that I've very curious as to why it hasn't been given a remastered trilogy collection yet, Mass Effect. Swap in any of the games I suppose, but I'd love to have Mass Effect 3 for the multiplayer mostly. It would be nice to revisit the larger epic vistas of the story once more or even just enjoy the cooperative multiplayer again. I think Shepard and the crew would look really great with the enhancement.

Red Dead Redemption Xbox One X

#4: Red Dead Redemption

I'm not sure I need to come up with reason as to why Red Dead Redemption should get enhanced. Everyone went crazy when this become backwards compatible. Rockstar's big western is one of the defining titles of the last generation and it's one that mostly everyone has enjoyed at some point. The world could look very good with an improvement and a good excuse to go back travelling across the vast landscape.

#3: Gears of War 2 (Did Become Enhanced)

The only main entry in the series that hasn't been given some sort of refinement which is disappointing. The work on Gears of War 3 is incredible and I'd like to experience all of the games in this series at that higher resolution. Definitive Edition removes the point for the original entry, but I'd also be very curious to see how an original release on the console would look with the enhancement. That aside, Gears of War 2 definitely needs that boost and I think it'll be a very fancy looking chainsaw fest once more. Just imagine that worm level, blah.

#2: Call of Duty: Black Ops

I'm a zombies fan, what can I say. I'm sure everyone has a favorite Call of Duty title. I feel that the first Black Ops would be my favorite to see. Any game in the franchise would be great quite honestly as they all still run solid. World at War could probably use the boost the most, though I'm sure there are fans of either Black Ops titles currently available. I don't feel that Ghosts or Advanced Warfare really needs it since those games are already available at a base on Xbox One.

#1: Borderlands

Ain't no rest for wicked, Borderlands is definitely a classic and not remastered release in the series. All the other games have been touched up in the Xbox One remaster Handsome Jack Collection, let's see some love for the first adventure on Pandora. It's still a very lovely and beautifully developer coop game that could shine with a resolution boost.

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