Top 10 Xbox One Kid Friendly Games 2019

The Xbox One has been out for many years at this point and with a large library of games available for the console at this point I thought it would be great to go over the best kid friendly games available for that younger audience out there. Listed are a variety of titles that are quite great for all audiences and definitely recommended for the small ones.

There should be something for everyone in here since there are a wide range of family friendly games listed below. This list is in no particular ranked order, hopefully there's some that you also want to see, if not let us know what we've missed here.

#10: Just Dance 2019

The Just Dance series is a great option since it's easy to play, grab a device that supports smartphone apps and get going with the special app for the game. If you still have a Kinect you're able to just keep using that if you'd like. It's a colorful game that's filled with a variety of modern music.

#9: Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

This is a odd competitive shooter title that's just awesome. It has friendly plants and zombies battling it out across a variety of modes featuring competitive or coop play. It might be slightly old at this point, but it's still a blast to play and available through EA Access.

#8: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

There's just a massive roster of Marvel characters present in this bigger sequel. Work with your favorite characters to battle mysterious villains and foes across an open world hub with levels thrown in. The DLC also covers the modern films and TV Shows based on the MCU properties. It's great for local two player coop also.
Just Dance 2019 Xbox Screenshot

#7: Overcooked 2

This is one frantic cooking game with a focus on coop play. Work locally or with others online to prepare food in a constant race against the clock. It has a charming light hearted story with colorful visuals and a variety of foods to prepare, it's a blast.

#6: Roblox

Roblox is an expansive and free to play experience aimed directly at kids so it's a must have for the young ones. They also add a pile of new games constantly from many creators in order to keep it fresh and it's a wild time with more than enough variety to keep everyone entertained no matter what they like.

#5: Minecraft

An obvious choice, Minecraft is a game that entertains millions around the world whether that's playing it yourself or watching others online. It has full cross-play with Nintendo Switch; PC, Pocket Editions and VR. It's an expansive and constantly being updated game that offers the ultimate level of creativity.

It's a simple game to learn for anyone and yet it can be complex as you make it with your adventures. It's got survival for those that want to live in the game or creative for those that just want to build. There are adventure maps too for scripted narratives.

Minecraft Mooshrooms Screenshot

#4: Slime Rancher

This is an incredibly adorable farming game. You collect a pile of different slimes and pick up the stuff they spit out after you eat them. It's cute, colorful and actually has a great story. You can of course just tend to your slimes, or head out and explore a vast area.

#3: Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft is well loved by almost everyone and Telltale has given the game a story with some charming characters. It's a very light hearted story filled with great laughs, adventure and it's perfect for all ages. There's an expansive first season to playthrough and a second one as well for this choose your own adventure type game.

#2: Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

Three lovely games that have been completely revamped to be one continuous experience. As Spyro, this friendly dragon you'll hop around collecting coins and saving others dragons. The three games work well together and build as they progress with additional features.

#1: Rocket League

Now enhanced on Xbox One X this game takes soccer and throws that formula into a car game. Drive around hitting the soccer ball to score as you compete against others. It's a ton of fun and a simple game to understand as you drive around or boost if you find the juice to do so.

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