Top 5 Fallout 4 Halloween Mods

Halloween is fun, at least I certainly enjoy the event and thought it might be nice to throw together a list of Halloween based mods. These may not be crazy, but they sure can add some festive thrills your world if that's something you'd like to have to celebrate the time of year. The list is in no particular order and just features a fine selection of possible Halloween mods you may like to use. Also, for those that want less Halloween decorations because it's been a couple hundred years. That mod can be found by clicking here.

#5: Huntsville

Download Here

A horror themed quest that was built for Halloween, head to Diamond City and get ready to feel some thrills.

Fallout 4 Huntsville Halloween Mod

#4: Craftable Halloween Decorations

Download Here

Allows the use of the Halloween decorations from the game with your settlements to add that festive cheer easily, there's a good selection and they're fun to hang up. They also have a snap feature option to make placement easier.

Fallout 4 Halloween Decorations Mod

#3: A Halloween Mod

Download Here

The main inclusion is a Witch costume for both female and male including CBBE BodySlide or vanilla options. There are other additions as well such as pumpkin heads or special masks.

Fallout 4 Halloween Costumes Mod

#2: Halloween Pumpkin Masks

Download Here

Adds four pumpkin Halloween masks to bring terror to the wasteland and to be festive. They cost 10 caps each and can be crafted from the chem tables. Male and female options, pumpkins for everyone!

Fallout 4 Halloween Pumpkin Masks Mod

#1: Halloween Witchcraft Overhaul

Download Here

This is a simple one, yet lots of fun. It converts the Museum of witchcraft into a Halloween party for you and your special guests to enjoy a night of terror!

Fallout 4 Halloween Witchcraft Overhaul Mod

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